Oh so pretty~*~

In which I make a worthless post because I can never get over how beautiful Ootsuki Miu’s character designs are. I still haven’t even properly read the Play Zone (seriously, I’m still so overwhelmed with all these books that I’ve only taken a proper look at Cab and Citron so far) but I have glanced at the pages continually because. Ugh. So pretty.

And of course, even prettier during sex:

Ootsuki Miu, why do you do this to me? 8( Why do your characters always have the most amazing moe sex tears and filthy facial expressions? Why?! And it wasn’t until just a while ago that I realized this is ‘Track 2’ of the manga—the first chapter is in the November issue of BP.

Which is now out of print.

Oh, crap.


One response to “Oh so pretty~*~”

  1. Abscondite says :

    …those nipples. /dies

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