Recent Arrival.

And now I’m finally ready to sit down and talk about all these BL manga. orz These are, of course, just my initial thoughts on the books I got in the mail today. No actual reviews. Those can definitely wait for later when I actually get a chance to properly read everything.

There are six magazines, four anthologies and six tankoubon total. /o/

Cab volume 06
CASTLE MANGO LEAVES OFF AT THE WORST SPOT! Seriously, I could cry! It left off at such a beautiful moment that totally leaves you wanting more, and then it turns out Cab volume seven will not be having the next chapter of Castle Mango. That’s just mean! MEAN! Anyway, this volume of Cab is weeeeird. Just like Kijitora said in a blog post, this volume is about half the size of the previous volumes. The two Cab debut artists, Mae Ushiro and Seto Yuuko (unsure about that romanization), are really good. Especially Seto. The way she draws faces and bodies reminds me a bit of Est Em. Anyway, Kumota Haruko has a comic in the next issue of Cab as well as the cover! I’m so excited for her! ❤

OPERA volume 19
The cover is very colorful! /o/ This is the first time I’ve ever bought OPERA so I’m excited to get a real chance to look through it. The Nakamura Asumiko story is cuuuute though I need OPERA vol. 18 for the first chapter (also, because Aniya Yuiji is in vol. 18) and thus don’t really know what’s going on. There’s also two chapters of Tsubaki Biyori, which I didn’t know was still ongoing. There’s a story by Bikke, and another manga by Mae Ushiro (delinquents!). Then there’s Aoi Seri, who has a quite interesting art style.

HertZ volume 35
This is also the first time I bought HertZ and it’s huuuuge so I’m very overwhelmed. When you open the covers there’s a really gorgeous colored page by Suzuki Tsuta, which obviously leads to a comic. A story by Matsumoto Miecohouse, which made me ridiculously happy. A story by Kinoshita Keiko. A story by Kikuya Kikuko. A story by Konno Satomi with a ridiculously hot sex scene. I mean, really! Chapter three of Yamada Yugi’s Aiso Tsukashi. A story by Mieno Saori, which is always something to get excited over since her art is always a joy to even just sit and stare pitifully at. A story by Junko. A story by Minazuki Akira. And then finally a very short story by Ogura Muku, which is of course absolutely adorable and also comes with a colored page. /o/! Then after that there’s also chapter two of Inariya Fusanosuke’s Hari ni Hana. Shiiit this book has a lot of amazing artists. orz I should buy it more often.

Citron volume 01
Here it is folks! The one you’ve all been waiting for! I have lovingly dubbed this anthology Cab #2 at this point. Because it is Cab #2. Kusama Sakae’s cover is absolutely stunning, and Aniya Yuiji’s colored insert practically made me wet my pants with glee because it’s an illustration of the five Citron fudanshi! /o/ Very cute! The Morozumi Sumitomo story looks semi-serious but adorable, and the Momoyama Naoko story looks interesting. The Kumota Haruko story, though, is dg;ljs;gs;erogwejkl ahhh so cute! More drags queens rofl but not of the super!sweet Mimi-kun variety this time. I’m so excited to read this one. *w* Est Em and Kitabeppu Nica’s stories also seem good, though Jaryuu Dokuro’s made me lol and freaked me out at the same time. idek.

BOY’S Pierce 03/10
This is their 13th year anniversary book! /o/ So it came with a special extra book with illustrations by some of the artists who’re in BP wishing them a happy anniversary, etc. Ootsuki-sensei has a short comic in it for the drama recording of Stay Gold. As for the actual magazine, I’m absolutely fascinated with Ootsuki Miu’s story. The uke is stunning, even for Ootsuki Miu’s standards. So beautiful. I absolutely adore him and I haven’t even read the story yet.

Comic Magazine LYNX 03/10
Ahaha I bought this just to see Sunae Hata’s art, I can’t lie. Yes, I am really good at wasting money, thanks for asking. But her art is so adorable sdgl;sjg I couldn’t resist! I am definitely not disappointed. Especially since there’s also stories by Takarai Saki, Kitazawa Kyou, Akiyama Koito, Minazuki Akira, Katase Waka, Madarame Hiro, Norikazu Akira, Ootsuki Miu, etc. etc. etc. THE LIST GOES ON.

Daria 04/10
I bought this one for Kobato Mebaru’s oneshot lol. 8( I’m pathetic. But it was so sweet! I love it. There’s also a kemomimi story by Toyama Mako, and yet another story by Kitazawa Kyou with an adorable color insert. And an Amagi Reno story with yet another color insert. Woo!

RuTiLe 03/10
This one, too, was for Kobato Mebaru rofl. 8( I REGRET NOTHING. As there is also Tagura Tooru, whose art is absolutely beautiful. And Yashiki Yukari, who I’ve been a bit obsessed with lately. /o/ Plus mooooore Matsumoto Miecohouse and Yamamoto Kotetsuko and Yamada Sakurako and Ishino Aya.

Chara 04/10
A CURSE ON NANAHIKARI! This chapter just made me headdesk like nothing else. Like, if what I think is going to happen actually does happen then I will just lose faith in Hikaru forever. Screw him. He can have Ashinuma and run away into the sunset. 8| Really, I wanted this issue for Nanahikari and also because of Ninomiya Etsumi’s art on the cover. Cuuuute! But it also came with an Asou Kai poster that reminds me of Lamento and a cute Kitabeppu Nica postcard so I love it. Also, a super cute story by Junko. And something by Hiwa Fumiko, who I had never heard of but she has very nice art. And there’s a delinquent in it. Mmmmyes.

drap 04/10
Ahhhh the delightful monthly drap. ❤ There’s a poster by Techno Samata, who I don’t know but it’s very pretty! And Sakurai Ryou got a color illustration! I am very pleased. I loooove the latest chapter of Ootsuki-sensei’s Ouji Hiroimashita. Finally, some good development in their relationship! There’s a Katekyo oneshot by Moegi Yuu, chapter three of Tenzen Momoko’s Boulange no Koibito, and my much-looked-forward-to next part of that Jaryuu Dokuro manga. And then of course there’s the very delicious Hino Garasu, who I’ve missed very much while she hasn’t been in the last few issues of drap. I really wish they’d just give that girl a tankoubon already. 8( In other news, is it just me or are the advertisements for Aniya Yuiji’s birthday release Me wo Tojite 3byou getting prettier and prettier? fff I just love them.

Otona Hatsukoi by Fukase Akane
This one disappointed me a liiiiittle bit. Instead of being one cute fleshed-out story, it’s a set of oneshots. Which left me sad-face-ing a bit since I was hoping it would be a long story about—what else—falling in love for the first time even though they’re already adults. But it’s all good, because the art is rather cute and I like the stories. While it’s not everything I was hoping for, I definitely don’t regret buying it. 8D

Momoiro Danshi -momo & mikan papa- by Fujii Aya
Fujii Aya’s art style is so… fluffy rofl. Such sparkly shoujo eyes. I rather like it. Also, I wasn’t expecting it (even though this is a BOY’S Pierce comic…) but the H scenes are really dirty. Like, graphic and from very dirty angles haha. Though it does seem to actually have a story. Which I don’t know much about yet.

Wagamama Inu no Shitsukekata by Shina Akino
Porny oneshots under BOY’S Pierce, rofl. I really like Shina Akino’s art style. It’s not the most original art style ever, yeah, but it’s very cute and clean and detailed. I also quite like her character personalities. And, y’know, her filthy H scenes.

Nakanaide, Ookubo-kun. by Kitabeppu Nica
This is my first Kitabeppu Nica-specific purchase so it makes me really happy. :> The quality of Marble’s tankoubons is really beautiful—such thick, clean paper. Even the dust jacket is made of thick, shiny paper. Fabulous. I’ve been wanting to read this one for a loooong time.

Clean a Wound by Matsumoto Kentarou
Matsumoto Kentarou’s first tankoubon release, with the stories that originally ran in Cab and the Catalogue anthologies. I mostly bought this one because it’s her first full published work and because I wanted the extra stories that weren’t in Cab. Matsumoto Kentarou’s art is very weird but also beautiful. You don’t see much art like it, I can say that much.

Danshi Meiro by Aniya Yuiji

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