/fujoshi mode on


Isn’t it beautiful?? It came in the mail today when I was totally not expecting it, and I’m in love! The blue book is one of Ogura Muku’s Harry Potter doujinshi, and of course the other two are by Kobato Mebaru—Sawatte, Tokashite and the c/w booklet FLIP FLOP -after the story-. I’m so in love with them that I can’t even convey it in this entry aside from through keyboard mashing.



Today is a good day to be a fujoshi~*~

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5 responses to “/fujoshi mode on”

  1. Myra says :

    Kobato Mebaru Love<3

  2. nomanlive says :

    Can you show me the website where you ordered these 3 books? I couldn’t find it at amazon.co.jp… I want to have them so much… Please help me…

    • ふう子 says :

      I bought them off Yahoo!Japan Auctions! Though Sawatte Tokashite should still be available on amazon.jp, but it won’t come with the extra booklet anymore.

      • nomanlive says :

        Thank you very much for helping me ^^
        I love your blog so much that i just can’t help reading it whenever I turn on my computer ^^
        Best wishes ^O^

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