Citron Blog 2/25 Update

Finally, the cover of Citron volume one has been completely revealed! /o/

To wrap up the introductions of Citron’s fudanshi, this blog post was by Tanaka-san. I didn’t read it very closely (sorry!) but I believe what’s going on in this post is that they’re cutting the pages of Danshi Meiro and Hakobune so they can put a reading sample on the Citron site. At one point Tanaka says he can feel the ~love~ of the shop ladies while they’re hard at work. You go, shop ladies! He asks that everyone please take a look and read the sample pages, etc. and make sure to buy a copy if you like it.

Then he says “until next time”—but wait!

There’s more!

The actual cover for Citron has been revealed! It’s beautiful, right? Right? Please go to the actual Citron blog entry to see a slightly larger version! Who else is super excited for this release? I know it’s already in my online shopping cart and just waiting for me to click the ‘pay now’ button! Only three more days now until it’s release, and I can hardly wait!

Also, also!! If you go to the actual site for Citron, they changed their flash banner to feature all the artists and stories that will be in Citron volume one. And if you go to the anthology’s part of the site, you can find small summaries of the stories as well. You can see sample pages of Kitabeppu Nica’s, Kumota Haruko’s and Haniwa’s stories by clicking the yellow button on their story descriptions.

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