Nanahikari chapter 15 & 16

Waking up to not only Narazaki Neneko’s Unmei na no sa but also two chapters of Nanahikari this morning was definitely a pleasant surprise. It’s weird, but whenever I’m about to read Nanahikari my blood pressure goes up and I get oddly nervous. Perhaps it’s my body’s way of readying itself for even more dramatic, fateful twists that will make me cringe and want to go read something fluffy and sweet to take away the pain.

Once again, a huge ‘thank you’ to Half-Baked Scanlations for their hard work and effort to get these two chapters out so quickly!

Starting with chapter 15…

First we get a scene with Watari and Hikaru, in which Watari now warns Hikaru to stay away from him. Now this is a warning we can all understand. Don’t worry, bro, I’m sure he’d stay the hell away from you even without your kind advice. Hikaru then heads home where his mom is on his case (because of Watari), and then gets put under house arrest by her (because of Watari). Sweet deal! He texts Yuuma (who’s being followed by obnoxious reporter lady) to tell him about it, and when Yuuma asks if he’s informed ‘the attorney’ and Hikaru says that he’s been texting Shimogura with no reply.

Thus we find Shimogura is being a big ‘ho again and sleeping with random dudes. And ignoring Hikaru’s messages. Oh Shimogura. Maybe Hikaru shouldn’t even date you—perhaps Ashinuma really is the better choice. At least he’s such a creepy stalker that he wouldn’t ignore Hikaru’s messages.

So Hikaru decides to head over to Shimogura’s office. But on the way there he sees Watari and—in a show of his true brilliance once again—follows him. Wow. So much for heeding his warnings, Hikaru. What smart person would ever contact someone who just tried to kidnap them, pretty much? Anyway, he follows him into a hospital where we find Watari’s mother is currently in treatment and supposedly has very little life left in her. Hikaru starts crying for Watari and says he misjudged him—Watari is actually just a lonely, good guy. Watari then looks creepy and suspicious (and of course a little sad) while Hikaru clings to him.

Then back at the apartment where New Guy is sexually harassing poor Shinobu. When Yuuma arrives (with creepy stalker in tow, who thus gets into the apartment behind him and snoops around) he gets there just in time to prevent Shinobu from getting raped. He tells Shinobu to go get dressed to prevent further disaster, and then addresses New Guy. New Guy, also known as Uchi, is a sassy young sir and easily pisses Yuuma off, causing a fight. Then Hikaru arrives and it’s just one big clusterfuck. Uchi accuses Hikaru of looking more like Ashinuma Nozomi than like his father. Uh oh.

Then at Shimogura’s place, Watari intercepts him while he’s about to head inside. He accuses Shimogura of being a dirty gay influence in Hikaru, which Shimogura doesn’t deny—in fact, he even looks guilty. Is this the reason he ignored Hikaru’s messages? When Shimogura tries to brush him off, he shoves Shimogura into his own house, onto his own bed, and threatens to rape him. How’s that for actually being a super-sweet, lonely guy?

Chapter 16 finds us leaving off at the same situation. Poor Shimogura is handcuffed and scared, and Watari only makes it worse by then blindfolding him. All the while, Watari is snapping pictures with Shimogura’s cellphone. He gives Shimogura the choice between being filmed while getting raped or being left there to die. Shimogura chooses ‘being filmed’. 8| (Really, it’s just handcuffs—it’s not like he was handcuffed to something with no chance of escape. He could have left the house and went to the police the second Watari left. Think these things through, Shimogura!) Watari then drugs Shimogura with something that keeps him from fighting him off, and the way Watari is talking it seems like he plans on violating Shimogura as much as he can.

Can I just pause and say I kind of really hate Watari at this point? I don’t feel any pity for that mofo. He should just die in a fire for all I care.

Then we cut back to Hikaru thinking while laying in bed with his brothers. Hikaru, Yuuma and Shinobu are all sharing a bed with Uchi nowhere in sight—seems Yuuma scared him off. They talk about Ashinuma Nozomi for a while, and then Yuuma tells Hikaru that he wants all of the boys who’re similar in age to take a DNA test. Hikaru freaks out about this, saying he’s too attached to the two of them to go back to being strangers if any of them happen to find they aren’t one of the sons after getting tested. Evidently, Hikaru has never been told that you can have a strong bond with people you aren’t related to.

Then, upset and lost in thought, Yuuma thinks “if Hikaru had his way he’d ask every guy in the world to be his brother.” At which point I lol’d because ahhh so true.

In the morning they all head off in separate directions. At school Hikaru gets his girlfriend to get his phone back for him (when are you going to tell her you’ve been sleeping around with a bunch of dudes, Hikaru?) and is then approached by Ashinuma. They go off to talk, but Ashinuma motions that he won’t spill the info until Hikaru sits on his lap. Ewww just like a creepy old man! Hikaru wants the info bad enough to comply, which was a bad idea because it gets him molested. Swell! When Hikaru asks about Ashinuma Nozomi with the implication that he might be Ashinuma’s son, Ashinuma-senpai doesn’t seem too pleased. However, he seems to think it’s fate that he and Hikaru met. When asked exactly why he thinks it’s fate, he doesn’t have an answer. Then Hikaru leaves saying “next time we’ll meet at your place!” Awesome, I guess we can expect another sex scene when that happens! 8|

Then after school Hikaru seems somewhat pleased when Girlfriend brings his phone over and he finds a bunch of messages from Shimogura. However, these messages have videos attached. X-rated videos.

Then skanky motherfucker Watari shows up at Shimogura’s apartment where the other boys are being held to find Yuuma is the only one there. Once again Yuuma seems bothered that Hikaru is the only one in demand. When questioned on why he only trusts and cares about Hikaru, Watari then changes the subject and challenges Yuuma to a game of Shogi. While talking gameplay (that’s pretty much a veiled conversation about what they’re going through with this whole brother fiasco), Watari suddenly says that it’s not that he doesn’t trust any of the other boys—he just doesn’t accept them as Mizuho’s other sons.

Aaaaaaaand, cut.

I don’t know what to think about these chapters. orz Hikaru is too much for me sometimes—totally playing Shimogura at the end of chapter 14, then going to Ashinuma and sitting on his lap and seeming to have no issue with being felt up by him. And then he says he’ll go over to Ashinuma’s place while knowing (unless he really is stupid) that if he steps foot in Ashinuma’s room he’s probably going to get propositioned for sex again in an incredibly forceful way. I almost wish Hikaru would end up with Ashinuma just so poor Shimogura can stop going through so much grief just because of Hikaru’s interest in him. I mean, seriously. Shimogura just got videotaped while getting raped because of Hikaru being too touchy-feely with him when he’s been continuously telling Hikaru that they shouldn’t have that type of relationship.

And Watari, ugh. He’s such a sleaze-bag at this point that I feel grossed out whenever I even have to look at him. I find him to be nastier than Ashinuma, which I wasn’t ever expecting. Much nastier. If there were two of Ashinuma and they were also scheming gross bastards, that’s the only thing I’d hate more than Watari.

However, I’m quite interested in this ordeal with Ashinuma Nozomi. One, he has a very pretty character design (though, speaking of pretty character designs, wasn’t Shimogura quite attractive in chapter 15 when he had his hair down and his glasses on?), and I want to know why he was brought into the story—what exactly is his relation to Hikaru? He has to have a point other than being Mizuho’s dead gay lover. I mean, really. And knowing this manga I’m sure it’ll be some crazy dramatic twist that we all saw coming and somehow didn’t expect at the same time.

I’m nervous about Shinobu as well. The fact that everyone was so worried about him leaving the apartment was some creepy foreboding. Not to mention Uchi seems to developed a less-than-savory interest in him. Hopefully he’ll lay off when he realizes that Shinobu is, in fact, a dude.

Ahhhhh this is just all so dramatic. I don’t know how much more I can take. I need to once again go reread Mainichi Seiten or something where the world is so fluffy and loving and sweet so I can get these bad thoughts out of my head.


One response to “Nanahikari chapter 15 & 16”

  1. Queen2408 says :

    My thoughts reading this:
    1) Shimogura is a slut, surely!
    2) Hikaru is really really stupid (he gets on my nerves) or he wants to be a slut too¿?
    3) Now Ashinuma seems like just a perv and Watari like a creepy, wicked crazy bastard.
    4) Uhmm I wonder what will Hikaru do with those videos, it is weird that he seems to want to be molested by everyone but only molest Shimogura.
    5) Oy! Shimogura as an uke…but that was not a nice way to show that T_T, wonder what will he be with Hikaru, unless this crazyyyy story ends up with Hikaru&Ashinuma.
    6) Why the heck is everyone gay, and why isn’t there a daughter….it had to be BL.
    7) LOL at your comments, especially about Watari, I was thinking exactly the same just before reading it.

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