Citron Blog 2/19 Update

And here I am with another blog update from Citron. /o/

Today we got the introduction post of Honda Kousuke, who seems a bit ossan’ppoi. He apologizes for taking so long to introduce himself, and then says it’s his turn to post. He then goes on to say the weather is cold and snowy in Tokyo (“how is it where you live?”) and says we should keep our hearts warm by reading BL manga haha. I think I love this man.

But the real announcement here is that Citron is having a fair for the release of the first volume of their anthology! This fair will be taking place at Animate and the main store of ComiComi Studio.

→ If you go to Animate to purchase Citron vol. 01 you’ll get an ‘original paper set’ (not sure what that could be—could be fliers, could be stationary, could be something else) by Kusama Sakae and Kumota Haruko.

→ If you go to the main shop for ComiComi Studio you’ll get original drawing papers from Est Em, Jaryuu Dokuro and Kitabeppu Nica.

I’m not sure, but I think it says you can also get them if you order online? The campaign only goes for as long as supplies last, and for further details contact the respective shops. Each item is specifically signed, Citron will be released as soon as Spring arrives, etc. etc.

You can view the blog post here to read it for yourselves! Yet again, it’s a painful time to be a fujoshi who doesn’t live in Japan. orz I want their signed papers as well!

Also new to the Citron blog is that the five men now have profiles! They’re very cute, and I recommend checking them out to get to know the fudanshi who post at Citron a little better. You can now also send them messages but you should probably only do this if you know Japanese, or are writing in simple-ish English so they can understand.

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