Cab Volume 06!!

Not gonna lie—I’m a huge loser and I’ve been visiting the Tokyo Mangasha site daily in hopes of them finally posting an update about Cab’s release.  And finally, today’s loser-y hopes have been fulfilled!

Cab volume six!! Oh man, so exciting. I was shocked when I saw it, since (as anyone who has ever seen an issue of Cab should know) they’ve completely redesigned the cover. Now it’s so much more modern and trendy looking. Weird. But it doesn’t matter at all, since it’s still the same amazing anthology it was before, I’m sure.

No sign of a preorder page yet on a!jp but I’m sure it’ll be up soon enough. Just two more days!! Two more days until Castle Mango chapter three, and a new manga by Koshino, and. Just. sdklgjsdl;dgs YESSS.

Anyway, for more information about the sixth volume of Cab you can go to Tokyo Mangasha’s Cab page. It lists all the authors and stories inside, as well as the price, release date, etc.


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