Indicision. Again.

There comes a time in a young woman’s life when she needs to make big decisions. Big, important, life-changing decisions. And this is one of those times: since I did some extra supplementary work this weekend, it’s time for an amazon!JP bulk order. Of course, there are things I’ll definitely be purchasing:

Fukase Akane’s “Otona Hatsukoi”
Aniya Yuiji’s “Danshi Meiro”
BOY’S Pierce March 2010
RuTiLe March 2010
Opera vol. 18
HertZ vol. 35
Nakamura Asumiko’s “Satsugyousei -fuyu-“ and “-haru-“

However, a bulk order isn’t really a bulk order without me wanting to curl up in a ball under the covers and mourn my wallet’s death after it’s locked in, and eight books just won’t do that. So here’s me weighing the pros and cons and the other books I’m considering.

Wagamama Inu no Shitsukekata by Shina Akino
good → the stuff I’ve read by Shina Akino before was unffff and this one probably is as well, cute art, something mostly new and interesting, kemomimi + pet/owner??! :9
bad →not exactly an author I know 100% I wouldn’t regret buying

Yuki to Kiss by Matsuo Fukuko
good → cute art, title makes it sound very sweet, and I have 100% faith in Marble Comics to put out good manga.
bad → I’ve never read anything more than a oneshot by Matsuo Fukuko before, so idk if I’ll be that enamoured by the inside art.

Physical Lesson by Yuma Satoru
good → it’s called ‘Physical Lesson’ for christ sake it had BETTER have some good porn inside, adorable cover art, I don’t know much about GUSH comics so I should sample more of their releases
bad → I had absolutely never heard of Yuma Satoru before, it has a bad average customer rating on a!jp, possibly won’t like the inside art.

Toshoiin no Koi by Koiwazurai Shibito
good → POE BACKS is up there with Marble and EDGE for amazing publishing lines, very interesting and unique art style, an author I’ve never read = endless potential
bad → might not like her work as much as I’m assuming I will

Suki tte Iwasete? by Yamamoto Kotetsuko
good → Yamamoto-sensei’s latest new story tankoubon release!, I almost always love her stories, adorable art, promising cover, even the title makes it sound adorable
bad → since she’s popular there’s a high chance of it getting scanned so it would likely be okay to put off buying it for now until I’m sure I love it after reading the scans, will lack porn since Yamamoto Kotetsuko generally only draws vague sex scenes.

Seme x Seme Catalogue
good → cover and an inside story by Psyche Delico, Terashima, TATSUKI pin-up (!!!), Haji Fuchiko, put out through Marble
bad → oddly, I generally don’t like ‘seme’ characters on a generic seme type scale, though I trust Marble to not have generic asshole semes. But still. the only reason I want it is for the color TATSUKI pin-up and the Psyche Delico cover. Also, it’s more expensive than a regular tankoubon.

Mibun Chigai Catalogue
good → Aniya Yuiji color pin-up. ANIYA YUIJI COLOR PIN-UP. ANIYA YUIJI. Also, Matsumoto Kentarou. And Taumi Mayu, Terashima, Shimaji, etc. MARBLE COMICS, ILU. And everyone loves delicious stories about love breaking down economic barriers.
bad → it’s temporarily out of stock fffffuuuuuuuu—this would mean I’d have to put off my order for even longer.

Momoiro Danshi -Momo & Mikan Papa version- by Fujii Aya
good → she added me on Twitter the other day so I’m curious about it—I feel like I owe it to her to read her manga now, oddly. Also, it’s from BOY’S Pierce. And has an adorable art style. Plus when I was looking for reviews I found a site that ranked it at #7 out of ten for manga that come out during its release season. So.
bad → other than maybe it being too cutesy, I can’t think of anything. And I’m not really one to belittle the power of adorable, fluffy, sexy things.

Nakanaide, Ookubo-kun. by Kitabeppu Nica
good → It’s Kitabeppu Nica! The cover is cute! The title is cute! I bet the story is also cute! Kitabeppu-sensei always writes very fascinating stories.
bad → ……maybe I’ll like it too much? Also, Kitabeppu Nika is not useful if you’re in the mood for something really pornographic.

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