Anyone who has paid any attention whatsoever to my blog probably knows of my undying dedication to and enthusiasm of Tokyo Mangasha’s Marble Comics line.

If you have not paid attention, some info: Marble Comics is the line that releases Cab magazine, which is my personal favorite magazine anthology as well as the one that runs Ogura Muku’s Castle Mango, ran Kumota Haruko’s Nobara, and is just a haven for amazing BL mangakas to come to light. Many of the mangakas I love now got their ‘big break’ through Marble, including the two mentioned above, Aniya Yuiji, Jaryuu Dokuro, Yamashita Tomoko, Est Em, Shimaji, TATSUKI—the list goes on. Tokyo Mangasha is well-known for the groundbreaking, fascinating stories that are released through them, and for good reason.

Anyway, I was a bit heartbroken when it seemed that Marble was selling their stories to Citron, because the conspiracy theorist in me starting wondering if maybe Marble was having a tough time financially. Seriously, I can’t explain how heartbroken I’d be if they went under as a publisher. I would just… cry.

But it’s all good, because it seems they’re doing ~just fine~ considering not only are Kashio and Chiba Ryouko releasing new tankoubon through them (see this post) but they just updated their site with a release announcement for tankoubon of Terashima’s Tane wo Maku Hito and Matsumoto Kentarou’s Clean a Wound on February 17th!!

Not only that but Tane wo Maku Hito will be getting a drama CD release on April 21st, which was already announced previously!

Sadly, the entire reason I went to the site in the first place and discovered this wasn’t fruitful—still no hint on the cover illustration for Cab volume 06. orz And still no preorder information. I shall try to keep waiting patiently, but it’s hard since Castle Mango ended so awkwardly in the last chapter!

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