Nanahikari chapter 13 & 14

Sorry for being so late to talk about chapter thirteen. Initially it was released by Half-Baked Scanlations on February 1st and I didn’t talk about it since I was in a weird mood that day after spending too much time on that Kuroyama Mekki post and also because it wasn’t as exciting since I’d reread chapter thirteen only about a million times by then in the issue of Chara I own. Obsessed? Me? Pshhhh no way! Of course, as HUGE ‘thank you!’ goes out to the ladies (and gentlemen?) of Half-Baked for working so hard to get these chapters out so quickly. It’s definitely appreciated!

As always, warning for possible spoilers if you haven’t read this chapter yet.

fffff okay I really don’t know what to think about these two chapters. So first off I’ll just start with chapter thirteen.

Chapter thirteen starts off with Ashinuma masturbating while thinking of Hikaru, which left me nonplussed because Ashinuma masturbating does nothing for me. He can go masturbate while thinking of cheeseburgers for all I care. But anyway it gives us insight about how much he’s ~falling~ for Hikaru. Ew. Go away you creep.

Then Hikaru is trapped in Watari’s apartment. When he finally finds a way out he calls Ashinuma and says Ashinuma’s was the only number he’d memorized. Which makes me wish I didn’t dislike Ashinuma so much, because god damn fanservice! But Hikaru seemed like such a pimp in that scene. Did he know what it would do to Ashinuma for him to say something like that? And obviously he’d remembered Shimogura’s number earlier on, so why lie saying something so vaguely romantically-charged? Hikaru, sometimes your cluelessness is a bit irritating, negl. You should have realized that what you said was obviously going to get Ashinuma’s hopes up, good god.

Then Watari tries to prove how much he dislikes Shimogura by… jacking him off??? Really? Well, that’s how I show my dislike for people as well! Jacking someone off while calling him a filthy little slut. That sounds like kinky sex play.

And then Ashinuma once again seems to read Hikaru so much as breathing as him supposedly offering up his body for sex. Ashinuma, if you keep this thought process up your ass is going to wind up in jail someday. Hikaru acts as clueless as ever (is it me or is he getting to be more and more wanton?) as Ashinuma goes on to pretty much molest him. Fun times!

Aaaand plot developement in this chapter comes in Shimogura meeting another one of the sons (who looks super adorable, y/y?) and them being spied on! By… another one of the sons? Mizuho would have made a good Dugger. There was also a bit more developement in poor Yuuma seeming to be bothered that he’s not allowed to look for the rest of the sons on his own. Is it just me or does it seem to bother him that Hikaru is seen as the most important of the sons?

Anyway, on to chapter 14! Which starts out with Hikaru actually stopping Ashinuma from molesting him. We can all go ice skating in hell now! Fantastic! Hikaru literally starts crying when Ashinuma tries to go at him, leading to them stopping. And then Ashinuma’s mom coming home? But During this scene Hikaru thinks “Senpai was too rough on me. I don’t want to give in to him a second time. I would have turned the world upside down to make him stop.” Which was very ‘woah that sucks!’ for Ashinuma. But then the icing on the cake was the line afterward, “Senpai does care for me. He might even be in love with me. However, I…”


However you what Hikaru?!

Blah blah blah Ashinuma’s uncle is a famous composer, fascinating. Then he brings Hikaru back to his grandmother’s house so Hikaru can stay with his mom.

Though the second he gets to his mom’s side, he promptly calls Shimogura and goes running to him. Good job listening to to Watari’s warning! Then again, I probably wouldn’t trust someone’s advice after they lock me in their apartment and steal my shoes and phone either. Just a thought.

The scene with Shimogura is so unfffff yes! Oh man, the tension between them is delicious. I want a sexy ossan lawyer too! Hikaru asks why Watari would do that to him, and Shimogura pretty much warns Hikaru as well that he’s perhaps too interested in him by saying “Because you’re so adorable … and helpless … that I find you a wicked boy.” Then when they get in the car and are driving, Hikaru repeats the same things right back at Shimogura. Which leads to a kiss. Which is (oddly?) probably one of the hottest chaste kisses I’ve ever seen in a manga.

However, then Shimogura chastises him with this:

“When you wanted me you ran away … and behaved as if you were the injured party. Then you had the nerve to act is if you’d suddenly fallen in love with someone else.”

U-uwaaaa. ‘Acted’? So Hikaru isn’t really in love with Ashinuma? Really? Really? Am I allowed to get my hopes up just a tiny little bit?

While all this is happening, Hikaru’s mom seems to somehow know Ashinuma Nozomi (obv. Ashinuma’s conductor uncle). Yuuma goes home to his mother only for her to lie about Mizuho not being his father, which causes something of a small fight that only shows you Yuuma’s determination. We also get some insight on Shinobu and his ‘father’s’ feelings in all this.

Then at Shimogura’s apartment Random Man #2 barges in on Shinobu in a bathrobe and introduces himself as Uchi Junichi, who seems to be one of the boys Hikaru and co. are looking for. I guess Shimogura contacted him? Uchi seems to be a musician of some sort who seems to have already known Shimogura for who knows how long. After a phone conversation between Yuuma and Shinobu, Yuuma seems to be losing faith in Shimogura.

Then when meeting Hikaru’s mom, contrary to what he’d told Shimogura or Hikaru (iirc?) earlier, Watari seems to want to claim his share of Mizuho’s estate. Hikaru’s mom is confused by this, as all this time she’s had no clue what Hikaru has been off doing.

And then a part with the female reporter / stalker. She’s annoying as ever, but there’s some interesting plot developement with the fact that the only man Mizuho was supposedly ever close to was the conductor Ashinuma Nozomi.


So dramatic, this manga. So many twists and turns that I never know who to trust. At this point Shimogura seems most trustworthy just in the fact that he’s practically the only adult Hikaru can confide in (and also the person Hikaru seems most romantically and physically interested in), but the fact that none of the other sons (Watari, Uchi and now even Yuuma??)  seem to trust him makes him seem like he’s more of a shady character than Takaguchi-sensei is letting on at this point.

Plus this sudden developement with Ashinuma Nozomi. Previously Takaguchi-sensei had led us to believe that the only man Mizuho had been with was Shimogura, but now it’s coming out that he might have had a gay affair with Ashinuma’s uncle?

And how did this Uchi guy come to know about Shimogura and the place he’s using to hide the other boys? Does the fact that he’s a musician somehow tie him to Ashinuma Nozomi? Why was he spying on Shimogura in chapter thirteen when Shimogura was giving the money to Shion? How long has he been stalking Shimogura, and why has he been doing it?

How are all these mothers connected, and why do they all seem to know each other’s names? And why did Hikaru’s mom know Ashinuma was related to Ashinuma Nozomi instantly? Why does she know Ashinuma Nozomi, and if she knows him does she know him because he had an affair with Mizuho?


4 responses to “Nanahikari chapter 13 & 14”

  1. Queen2408 says :

    Hahahah you got excited. But this is getting so twisted and weird…I actually wanted to hit Hikaru a couple of times for being so stupid ¿? or maybe he is not stupid and is just fickle…Sounds like he’ll become a reversi to me, after that nice kiss hohoho, I would loveee to see that. And sempai please go die in a hole or something, and don’t tell me later that he is also a brother of Hikaru because that would be even weirder XD.

    • ふう子 says :

      yeah there are some times when Hikaru’s daft behavior is pretty cringe-worthy. I don’t like Ashinuma but sometimes even I feel bad for him since HIkaru seems to be leading him around by the nose. Hikaru really needs to learn to pick his words in a way that doesn’t make it sound like he’s in love with Ashinuma if he really sincerely isn’t. Though even now I think it’s much too early to write out the chance that Ashinuma could be the one Hikaru chooses. Takaguchi-sensei seems to love leading people in circles. 8D;;

      I also wonder about the possibility that Ashinuma is Hikaru’s brother, though I doubt it. That would be a bit TOO weird, even for something by Takaguchi-sensei, considering they’ve already had sex. Then again, with how dramatic this manga is I shouldn’t be so sure that there wouldn’t be a bit of incest thrown in haha.

  2. kokiden says :

    I have put off reading Nanahikari because it was originally an Aarinfantasy joint, and AarinF doesn’t allow posting at yaoi-sharing communities, and that’s how I like to read my scanlation. But now I have to seriously considering downloading it all and reading it!

    • ふう子 says :

      Nanahikari is really fascinating! Obviously, I highly recommend it haha. But I totally hear you–going through the trouble of downloading each chapter, etc. can be a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes. There are a lot of manga I won’t download but instead wait for them to be posted to a reading community or site. Generally I have to really like a manga to go out of my way to download it the second it’s released.

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