Aniya Yuiji “Kangoku 69″

And finally, a post about my most-loved Aniya Yuiji. Because, y’know, I don’t talk about her enough already.

Kangoku 69 is a manga released under June’s BOY’S Pierce line and it truly lives up to its reputation. When I opened the manga to a random page, even I started blushing a little bit; that’s saying something, because I don’t generally get flustered at all by sex scenes anymore. But Aniya Yuiji is the queen of incredibly filthy sex scenes, especially when given license to go all-out by being in a pretty much porn-only magazine.

However, I’m not saying this manga is one big porn free-for-all. Because it’s not. It’s a tankoubon of two separate stories, Nightingale wa Yoru ni Naku and Kangoku 69. Nightingale takes up the first portion of the book with four chapters plus an alternative side-chapter in the middle, and then Kangoku takes up three chapters at the end.

Do not click this link if you’re under 18, please, or in a place where viewing pornographic material is illegal. Sorry. It’s hard to avoid posting porn in this case.

Nightingale is about a young man named Iga Aijin who works for an escort service of sorts—“Cosplay OK!”—to earn the money he needs while his mother is in the hospital. During his work he does tons of kinky, weird shit with his clients, and he’s okay with that—a true professional in the sex industry. He doesn’t get sex and love mixed up, because he doesn’t really understand what ‘love’ is exactly. However, this is only until he meets his mother’s new doctor, Ryuu Eitarou, and is instantly attracted to him to the point of imagining Eitarou surrounded by a bed of flowers. And things only get worse when he angers a client by accidentally calling him ‘Eitarou-kun’ in the middle of some kinky sex play.

This story was definitely my favorite. It’s silly (I mean, you should see some of the requests his customers make as far as roleplaying goes!) and sexy but it’s also a bit touching. Aijin starts off already being a very lovely, cute guy but he really grows after falling in love with Eitarou. During sex for ‘work’ with Eitarou he doesn’t event want Eitarou to penetrate him because it bothers him so much that the sex with Eitarou is without real passion—just like any other relationship with his clients. Afterward he continually finds his job more and more upsetting. But luckily there’s a happy end, with a delicious scene of ‘real’ sexual love between Aijin and Eitarou that’s not only quite hot but also very sweet.

I thought this story was really brilliant. Aniya Yuiji found a good plot that could contain a lot of pornographic material but still left room for an interesting story that could have slight character developement and plenty of sweet and heartbreaking moments as well.

Second story revolves around Nami, who’s currently going through his rounin year at a particularly strict dorm. Practically everything is prohibited—from overnight stays elsewhere to dating girls to having a part time job. One thing should be on everyone’s mind: studying. However, there’s something else on Nami’s mind: sex. Or at least the scent of a woman, or so he claims. But during an attempt to hole himself up with some porn he instead finds himself in a pretty dirty situation with his dorm mate Ichiro.

This one is more on the ‘lots-of-porn-less-plot’ side—there’s plot, but it’s less complex and mostly revolves around them wanting to get off with each other. But it’s still a very cute story! The relationship between Nami and Ichiro is quite nice, and they’re also a much sought after ‘reversi’ (is that how you write it?) couple. The first chapter is about them initially getting together (because Ichiro has liked Nami for a while, and Nami is for some reason incredibly attracted to Ichiro’s scent), the second chapter is about them wanting privacy to be alone together (in a dorm with many other random men), and the third chapter is about them finally getting into university. All of which involve really hot sex. Obviously.

Can I recommend this manga enough? No, I cannot. I can’t recommend this enough until I’ve turned every single person (or at least every fujoshi?) into a fan of Aniya Yuiji. With this manga she shows off her brilliant sense of humor, her ability to evoke the best emotions with every single panel, and her crazy H-scene skills. I adore her and pretty much everything she does, and this is definitely no exception—especially not the first story. It’s gorgeous and I can’t really do it any justice, so I can only recommend you read it for yourself!


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  1. Heidi says :

    Sorry, but do you know where I can read the full manga? x3

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