Spotlight: Psyche Delico

Her name is a dorky pun—in actuality, the Japanese is spelled 「彩景でりこ」 or “Saike Deriko”. And this is a woman who seems to rather like word puns. A person of true humor.

Kizudarake no I Love You (drama CD)
Nokorimono ni wa Ai ga Aru?!

Kizudarake no I Love You is licensed under NetComics by the title “Love Full of Scars”, but that seems to be about it as far as western fandom knowledge of Psyche Delico goes. I’ve never heard the name spoken even within circles who enjoy unusual BL mangaka. Even I hadn’t really paid much mind to her until just today, after reading her story from Marble Comics’ Hajimete Catalogue. But I’ve maybe fallen in love.

For one, her sense of humor is fantastic. I highly recommend ‘renting’ the chapters of Kizudarake off NetComics—best $1.50 I’ve spent in a long while! From pubes stuck in the teeth to hair fetishes to grown men fangirling over tokusatsu characters, Psyche leaves nothing untouched. While I was reading it I was stuck somewhere between laughing my ass off and also feeling some hardcore second-hand embarrassment. Even sex scenes weren’t very sexy—just full of lulz. Ahh the humor of youth~*~

Comedy aside, though, Psyche also does serious stories amazingly well. The final chapter of Kizudarake is a semi-serious story about the misfortunes of youth that can be a bit painful at times, and the story from Hajimete Catalogue is like this as well. Both stories have a happy ending, though.

She’s also pretty fabulous at porn! (She seems to be a jack of all trades depending on what publisher she’s handing work to.) Her second tankoubon, Nokorimono ni wa Ai ga Aru?!, is published under BOY’S Pierce and is filthy, filthy smut of the highest caliber.

Art-wise, she seems to still be developing. I’m assuming the oneshot from Hajimete Catalogue is a later work since it’s unpublished in a tankoubon, and that’s the favorite artwork I’ve seen from her so far. The character designs are slightly more detailed than her other works, and it’s very pretty. Her characters otherwise range for pretty effeminate (I mean, she did a story about drag queens…) to very hairy and butch. And the hairy ones are usually on the bottom of the sex equation.

Because of her chameleon-like publishing behaviors, it’s also hard to say the range of her stories and what she’s capable of. Kizudarake is full of humorous stories with one chapter of seriousness at the end, Nokorimono is pure smut, and then there are random stories by her that are serious and innocent and a bit touching. She seems like she can do anything and everything if she puts her mind to it.

Anyway, I definitely hope to see more from her in the future, especially since the last time a tankoubon of hers was published was in late-ish 2008. Her art is developing so well and she seems to be a master at creating whatever stories she feels like at any given moment, so I don’t want those to be the last works by her I get to see.


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