Citron Blog: Cover for Citron V1 revealed!

It seems that Citron really has the fujoshi community talking now. XD Today the blog was updated (finally!) with a teaser for the Citron anthology cover! The illustration is by Kusama Sakae and is absolutely lovely:

Please go to Citron Blog to see the proper version of the illustration!

Anyway, as for the rest of the post, it was written by… Akamine Haruka? rofl I suck at romanizing names. orz Anyway, he starts out by simply introducing himself and then goes on to say that today is Citron Comic’s first release of Aniya Yuiji and Morozumi Sumitomo’s mangas. “Did everyone get a chance to pick up a copy?”

He goes on to say that they look forward to people filling out the questionnaire (which is often included inside a manga asking what you liked about it, etc.) and sending in messages for the two mangaka in question. Then he says that if you purchase from Tora no Ana, you can get a signed addition?? What? Tora no Ana’s Princess Side site has the details.

Then he just talks about the weather in Tokyo, hahaha. Supposedly, it snowed but then turned to cold rain? So he says to stay warm, so as to keep from catching a cold!

eta: In case anyone is curious, here is the c/w signed addition if you buy off Tora no Ana and here is an example of the extra cover you get if you buy from Animate.

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