Nanahikari chapter 12

Uwaa another chapter was released so quickly! Amazing. /o/ A huge thanks goes out to Half-Baked Scanlations for this super speedy release!

lol Hikaru is such a player, idek. There were a couple times where it seemed like he was also about to snare Suetsugu into his whore-ish little trap. (I’m not sure if I’d want to see that or not…) Though even in the volume three afterward Takaguchi-sensei said that Hikaru is the one who emits the most pheromones, haha. I wonder how many people will fall in love with him by the end of the series?

This chapter was very plot-filled. I’m curious to know who that ‘secret informant’ is—he actually made a scene with the reporter woman interesting for once!

Also, I agree with Nazuna in that Hikaru really seems to have changed since the beginning of the series. He used to seem a lot more aloof and like he didn’t care, but his personality has really picked up a lot. Perhaps because he has surrounded himself with more people, or perhaps because he has a more purposeful life, who knows. But a character’s personality changing so gradually over time is a sign of really good writing, isn’t it? GJ, Takaguchi-sensei!

Shimogura is a whore. There’s not much more to say about that, haha.

For me, the most interesting part of the chapter was definitely when Hikaru was talking to Suetsugu. For two reasons!

1. Why is Suetsugu so adamant about now letting Hikaru go near Shimogura? What has Shimogura done that makes Suetsugu so protective over Hikaru in just this case?

2. What did Hikaru mean when he asked “do you have to care for someone to be in love with them”?? As much as I personally think he’s gross, I thought Hikaru quite liked Ashinuma? And by asking that, was he also referring to other people who seems to hold some sort of sexual attraction toward, i.e. Shimogura? What exactly does he mean when he claims to supposedly ‘not care for them’?


Luckily the next chapter, thirteen, is in the volume of Chara I happened to buy a while back! So I can go and try to properly read that one and spoil myself, haha.


3 responses to “Nanahikari chapter 12”

  1. Queen2408 says :

    Did you see the afterword? I could laugh haha, Yamada Yugi asking about Shimogura being an uke. Well, that’s what we are expecting!
    And yep, I thought that brother might be smitten too but I wouldn’t like that. A lot of weird attractions towards Hikaru, two is enough :)

    • ふう子 says :

      I saw, I saw! XD Haha so like Yamada Yugi to be very curious about the pretty Ossan of the story. Speaking of Yamada Yugi, I also just recently heard that her latest manga “Seinen 14sai” is really great.

      I want to know what Takaguchi meant when she said we’d ‘learn soon enough’ if Shimogura is uke. Does that mean we’ll finally get to see him have sex with Hikaru? *w* I look forward to finding the answer to these questions.
      And I think I wouldn’t mind Hikaru/Suetsugu if, like you already said, Hikaru didn’t already have Shimogura and Ashinuma pursuing him. It’s already frustrating enough trying to figure out which of those TWO he’ll end up with, I’ll probably cry out of frustration if too many more were added into the mix.

      • Queen2408 says :

        Yeah but Suetsugu is way better than Ashinuma so far. Ashinuma really pisses me off since the beginning..I wonder why. Well, if it was that fast or easy it wouldn’t be interesting right? I am going to check about that manga from Yamada Yugi.

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