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Yet another website update from Citron! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m kind of pumped for the unveiling of the anthology!

Citron Web was updated just yesterday with a new blog. The header illustration is by Aniya Yuiji (even more reason to go check it out, y/y/mfy?) and it will supposedly be updated by five ‘fudanshi’. In case you don’t know, ‘fudanshi’ is technically just the male equivilent to ‘fujoshi’, so male BL fans. The blog will highlight recent information dealing with Citron’s comic line.

The latest post is by Kuroda, who is the only one to introduce himself so far. He starts out by once again highlighting the upcoming releases by Aniya Yuiji and Morozumi Sumitomo. He then goes on to announce that if you order from Animate, Aniya Yuiji’s Danshi Meiro will have a double cover! Uwaaa want so bad. orz He then goes on to say there is another version Aniya-sensei was working on, and kindly allows a look at it!

Then there’s just some random talk detailing how truly amazing Aniya-sensei is, of course. Then Kuroda ends it with a very standard request to also look forward to Morozumi-sensei’s manga, and also the rest of Citron’s releases, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!  ♡

I’m very glad that Aniya Yuiji seems to be a very central part of Citron’s line so far! I look forward to their further releases.

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