Release information!

Chill Chill just recently updated their release schedule all the way into February. So exciting. \o/

❤ → Aniya Yuiji’s Danshi Meiro has been added! However, it still hasn’t been added to amazon!JP properly. So no pre-orders quite yet. Boo!

❤ → Another one I’m excited about is Sakurai Ryou’s Torokeru You ni which will be released on February 3rd! If this is the tankoubon that includes stories from the April, May and July ’09 issues of drap, I highly recommend this! Sakurai-sensei is really the best when it comes to sexy stories with ossan salarymen.

❤ → Kano Shikuo’s Punch↑ volume three! /o/ This is one of my favorite stories by Kano-sensei, so I’m glad to see the third volume will be out in Fabruary 10th.

❤ → Also to be released on February 10th is Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s third volume of Honto Yajuu! I feel like a failure, but I totally hadn’t realized this manga kept going after two volumes. XD; Sorry, Yamamoto-sensei! The cover image is already up on the amazon!JP page. There is also a limited edition version!

❤ → Also by Yamamoto Kotetsuko and also to be released on the 10th is Suki tte Iwasete?—and also like Honto Yajuu this is under GUSH comics. Again, the cover art can be seen on the amazon!JP page.

❤ → Yet again on the 10th, Minazuki Yuu is releasing Toki no Maigo wo Sagashite. I personally haven’t gotten much a chance to read Minazuki Yuu’s stories, but the art is always so pretty.

Also to be released, of course, is the March issue of drap on the last day of January. I was disappointed to see nothing new from Ootsuki Miu in the mix—sensei is so busy all the time, so I keep expecting a new tankoubon from her! But I’m sure a new book by her will be released soon enough, so I’ll have to stay patient!

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