Thank you! & Cab vol. 06

First, I want to thank everyone very much for the comments on my blog yesterday! It makes me very happy that there are people who find this blog interesting enough to leave me a comment. So thank you!

Anyway, some news on Cab volume 06! I finally am getting around to properly looking through volume 05 and in the back it already lists the authors who’ll be appearing in the next volume, which will be released on the 20th of February.

→ Koshino will be getting the cover illustration!
→ Ogura Muku will have a comic (Castle Mango, of course) and a ‘report’. (??)
→ Katou Setsuko
→ Est Em
→ Shimaji
→ Matsuo Fukuko
→ Kadoi Hagachi
→ Haji Fuchiko
→ Kashio
→ Morozumi Sumitomo

There are also two authors who’ll be making their debut in Cab, so please look forward to it. \o/

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m very much looking forward to reading chapter three of Castle Mango! Chapter two left off at a really weird spot. orz I’m also interested to see this manga by Matsuo Fukuko, since the last time she released a tankoubon was in 2005.

However, some mangaka that will definitely be missed this time around are TATSUKI, Kumota Haruko, Aniya Yuiji and Taumi Mayu. Hopefully those sensei will be coming back later on with more interesting stories!

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