Nanahikari chapter 11

Oh Nanahikari. If there is any manga I want the raws for so, so badly, it’s you. I would give anything to see the latest chapter. If I planned on ever having kids, I would even offer my first born. As it is, you can have my pet cat. Just please let me know who Hikaru is going to end up with so I don’t get my hopes up.

Spoilers, obviously, if you’re bothered by that kind of thing.

This chapter killed me. It picked me up and then threw me back down on the cement as hard as it could. It was just. that. cruel.

For one, I was glad Hikaru saw what happened to him as rape. And that he was actually bothered by it. (Though him going to Ashinuma later and being all “s’all good bro!” afterward was a little nauseating.) I was also happy over the fact that he didn’t like having sex with Ashinuma—though he did seem a bit sad that Ashinuma didn’t take his ‘rejection’ more heavily, so idk.

But one step toward him preferring Shimogura, maybe?

And then he went to Shimogura afterward and wanted him. Seriously, wanted him right that second, right there in the office. And I was yet again like “good, this is definitely a step toward him showing preference toward Shimogura! He finds physical relations with Shimogura good to the point of seeking them out himself, and sex with Shimogura seemingly isn’t crushing and uncomfortable like it supposedly was with Ashinuma!” Plus, he seemed to almost want to ‘cleanse’ himself of the rape by instead finding comfort in physical intimacy with Shimogura.

But THEN. 8| Shimogura asks Hikaru if he’s in love with someone else, and Hikaru blushes and suddenly thinks (realizes?!) he’s in love with Ashinuma?

Oh jesus. brb my hopes, they have been shattered.

Hikaru is in love with Ashinuma? Seriously? Seriously? That skeevy jerk who just raped him and has been pushing his feelings on him all… gross and pushy-like? Nooo, why does it have to be this way? Why do I always prefer the pairing that isn’t going to work out?


I still have a tiny sliver of hope, because it’s not Ashinuma who’s on all the tankoubon covers and I’m still (pitifully) clinging to the spoilers in chapter thirteen where Ashinuma tries to push Hikaru into having sex again and it only ends in Hikaru still not wanting it. I’m clinging to this tiny factor, because it’s ALL I HAVE. Don’t judge me. ahhh. /o\


4 responses to “Nanahikari chapter 11”

  1. Queen2408 says :

    I have to agree with all you said…what’s wrong with the raped characters that end up loving the rapers even without getting back for that!!!!
    I want the lawyer to be the one! Hoho, and wasn’t him an uke for another guy? I wonder..he seems the type that would be ok with either, top or bottom.

  2. ふう子 says :

    I’m generally used to the whole ‘rape = love’ thing in BL manga to the point of being able to ignore it, but for some reason this time it irritated me a lot. Probably because he seemed realistically bothered by it at first, only to shrug it off less than a day later. orz Also, possibly because I’m biased against Ashinuma and think he’s a douche rofl.

    I definitely prefer Shimogura! And yeah, I’m not sure which role he is—uke, seme, or either. Which is why I’d love it if he’d stop being the only person telling Hikaru that they can’t have that kind of relationship. 8| I wish he’d stop pushing Hikaru away, because it’s making it seem more and more like Ashinuma will be the one Hikaru really falls in love with.

  3. lyrebird says :

    You can get hold of Nanahikari raws on Livejournal. LJ user lufjad has been sharing magazine raws of Nanahikari from Chara, so you can read ahead there. I don’t think there is any resolution on the romance front though – this series is more like a soapie than a true BL romance.

    • ふう子 says :

      uwa thank you so much for the information! I’ll definitely be checking that out. And I agree—this manga really is like a soap opera. orz So dramatic and filled with weird, frustrating relationships.

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