Moe Danshi Gatari

I figured that I would take some pictures of this book and share them on here, since it’s so lovely. I only took pictures of my personal favorite illustrations, but if you have any requests (you can see all the artists mentioned in this blog post at Akibanana) for pictures just say so.

Aniya Yuiji’s illustration is “Sukima Danshi”. I’m not sure exactly what ‘sukima’ means in this context, but it literally means ‘gap’ or ‘crevice’. I suppose I’d have to read her article to see what she means by that… Sorry that my horrible photography skills did her illustration no justice. orz

Taumi Mayu’s moe is “O’baka Kei Danshi” or “stupid type boy” haha. It fits well with many of the characters she writes. Isn’t her drawing cute?

“Katamekakure Danshi” or “Boy with one eye hidden” by Aoi Levin. Her coloring is always so pretty and smooth.

Ishino Aya’s moe danshi is “Poemer Danshi” or “Poet Boy”.

Inoue Nawo’s “Kedaruge Danshi”. “Kedaruge na” means something like ‘listless’ or ‘languid’. Something kind of like ‘laid back’.

Shimaji’s moe danshi is “Tenpa Danshi”, or a boy with naturally wavy hair.

Takao Hiroi with the characters as manly as ever prefers “Hige Danshi”, or boys with facial hair. Err, I should probably not refer to them as ‘boys’. That seems odd. More like ‘men’.

“Doubutsu to Tawamureru Danshi”, which is something like “boys who enjoy playing with animals”. Very cute. There’s nothing better than a boy who is gentle with animals.

Nakamura Asumiko’s hilariously cute “Hioshare Megane Danshi”, or a boy who wears glasses but is nonetheless quite unfashionable. The hideous Christmas sweater made me lol pretty hard.

Nangoku Banana’s “Hitoemabuta Danshi” or “single-eyelidded boy”. If you don’t know what that means, it’s something like not having the ‘crease’ between the eye and eyebrow. Anyway, another lovely illustration by Nangoku-sensei.

This one threw me off a bit. /o\ Hinode Haim’s “American Casual Danshi”, which is pretty much self-explanatory.

“Genkaku Danshi” is a boy who’s strict and proper. Very good choice by Furutsuji Kikka.

I had actually never heard of Murasaki Chieko before, but her illustration is so colorful and lively that I couldn’t help but fall for it. Her moe danshi is “Hanra Ruck Danshi”, or a boy who is half-naked but nonetheless has a backpack on rofl. Now that is a moe I’d never heard of before. Very specific!

Everyone loves a “Yandere Danshi”! Yamada Toriko’s art works so perfectly to capture this moe type. If you do not know ‘yandere’, it’s a character who starts off being sweet and gentle but then shows their true colors by turning around and suddenly becoming possessive and creepy—sometimes to the point of violence or abuse. A very interesting character type.

Anyway, for now that’s all! ¦3 It’s going to take me forever to actually read the book, but wish me luck! Someday my Japanese will be good enough for me to no longer be best friends with the kanji dictionary, and reading books like this will be much more simple. Someday!

I highly recommend purchasing the book, if even just for the illustrations. They look so much better on actual paper, and it’s very high-quality for the price. Especially if you’re a fan of BL, or just cute boys in general.

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5 responses to “Moe Danshi Gatari”

  1. Ringo says :

    WoW so many cute illustrations ! I especially like Inoue Nawo’s work…but there is a lot of artists I didn’t know and who seems to be really talented *gone on searching their other mangas/illustrations*

  2. Myra says :

    Wahh, the Takao Hiroi and Nangoku Banana ones looks so pretty~! If possible, can you scan those two in HQ for me? I might use them for inserts^_^ you’ll be credited of course;)

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