Moar manga!

I just got these today!! /o/

Amazon actually had to ship them in two different boxes. orz One of these days, I’ll master the art of bulk ordering from that site—not too much, but not too little.

Even though I haven’t had much time to read them so far, I figured I’d try to do another post like last time I made a bulk order. So here we go!

drap 02/10
I got this one pretty much only for Ootsuki Miu, and the Ootsuki Miu story did not disappoint! Very cute! Ootsuki-sensei’s art style is really evolving to become so beautiful, I think. Anyway, the pull-out poster by Monchi Kaori is quite pretty as well. The Aniya Yuiji manga is also nice but since it’s the last chapter of a series I’m left feeling a bit cock-blocked. Other notable stories are by Aoi Levin, Kanda Neko, Takagi Ryou, and Kikuya Kikuko. There’s also a story by Chidori Peko, whom I’d never heard of, and the art is beyond lovely! I’ll have to look into her a bit more later.

Daria 02/10
This one, also, I bought for Ootsuki Miu! Out of all the magazines I bought specifically for her (three!) this one is definitely my favorite. There’s chocolate and cakes and also an incredibly explicit, loving sex scene. Also, Tateno Tooko whom I’ve been meaning to do a ‘Spotlight’ post on for weeks now. The manga by Shimotsuki Kairi looks interesting, as does the story by Mikko. I’d never heard of her before, but something about her art style reminds me of a cross between Aniya Yuiji and Monchi Kaori. Others worth mentioning are Tsuge Amayo and Fuyuno Ikuya.

Comic Magazine LYNX 01/10
The final of the magazines I got just for Ootsuki Miu. This one is HUGE—I was shocked when I saw it! Even now I’ve barely looked at Ootsuki Miu’s story from it because it’s so overwhelming and clunky to hold. But from what I’ve looked at, it seems really promising. One artist in particular that caught my eye was Kojima Lalako, who has an art style quite similar to Takarai Rihito’s. Katase Waka’s art style, too, reminds me of it. Also, also! There’s part two of the Ike Reibun manga I was looking forward to!

Cab volume 05
Cab volume five, yaaaaay! /o/ Finally I’m all caught up! A lot of series finished up in this volume, including Buggy no Song by Taumi Mayu, Hachigatsu no Mori by TATSUKI, and Chiba Ryouko’s Kono Te… series. I was quite pleased with the final chapters for each of them. Kumota Haruko’s new story is absolutely stunning, with pretty character designs and an interesting plot. Matsumoto Kentarou got the color insert, and it’s an interesting art style even when painted. The Katou Setsuko story is also nice. Another great volume from Cab, definitely.

Moe Danshi Gatari
If you don’t know what this, it’s technically a small full-color collection of short essays by various BL mangaka. The question is essentially “what is your ‘moe danshi'” or “what kind of boy makes your heart beat faster?” etc. I got this pretty much specifically for Aniya Yuiji, but it’s quite beautiful. Each author answers what their favorite ‘moe’ type is, and then draws a lovely colored picture to go with it and places it next to their short essay. Usually when I buy books with a lot of text I don’t bother trying to read them since I assume it’s a lost cause from the very start, but I think I actually want to read this one. Includes artists like Taumi Mayu, Ishino Aya, Aoi Levin, Est Em, Takao Hiroi, Takarai Rihito, etc.—a very wide, diverse group of artists from all over the BL spectrum.

edith volume 01
I got this because Kazuaki is on the cover, but she does nothing for the inside of the book haha. orz Let down! Well. Not really, actually—there are many other fantastic artists inside to make up for it. I haven’t given it a proper glance-through yet, but I’m excited to do so!

Baby volume 09
Again, I got this because I particularly love the artist on the cover—Kobato Mebaru—and she only did the cover. Well, she also did a two-page column. 8/ But I did get a cute little postcard of the cover art on stylish paper, so I’m slightly pacified. Also, there’s Yamada Nichoume, Kitabeppu Nika, and Koiwazurai Shibito. Woo. /o/ brb staring at the postcard for about an hour.

Kangoku 69 by Aniya Yuiji
This manga is so. filthy. When you open the cover there’s a beautiful illustration of a naked man in a tiny cage, and you go in a couple more pages to the actual manga and it cuts right to the chase with some hot and heavy oral sex. This isn’t surprising, because it’s about a man who technically works in the sex industry. Aniya Yuiji is like the queen of ridiculously wet-looking, playful sex scenes and there are definitely a lot of those in this manga. Good lord. But hey, this ran in BOY’S Pierce so is that really shocking?

DROPS by Aniya Yuiji
This is a josei manga, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. Because I feel like it and it’s by Aniya-sensei. It’s a short story set, with five stories in all, all centering around one family though they’re more like oneshots than interconnected stories. They’re really good! I doubt this will ever get scanned since it’s by a relatively unknown BL author and it’s not gay in the least, but shit I’m tempted to scan it to share it. Aniya Yuiji has a way with fucked-up, weird characters. I love it.

Koi no Magarikado by Kuroyama Mekki
!!!!!! キタァ━━━━━━( ゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!! I really really love this one, even more than I thought I would! The stories are all cute and engaging, and I really love Kuroyama Mekki’s art style. For some reason I was expecting these to be light BL, but they’re actually quite explicit! I was shocked, haha. None of the stories are particularly ground-breaking, but their simplicity is what makes them quite charming. Many different kinds of men in different jobs and positions. Har har.

Madobe no Kimi by Kumota Haruko
This one is so thick and heavy. I feel like if I open it I’ll bend the binding instantly. So far I’ve only seen Chinese scans, and thus I bought it in Japanese so I could actually attempt reading it. However, my sister had to put up with me whining because I accidentally dropped it and it fell perfectly in its cover and crumpled it. (;A; )

Chance! by Kawai Hideki
This one was actually just recently scanned and posted to Aarin Fantasy, which made me lol because I generally try to buy manga that I don’t believe will be scanned (unless they’re by mangaka that I want to support, and thus I buy the manga out of obligation). So it was a bit of an ‘orz’ experience to have it scanned and posted just days before it arrived in the mail. As always, Kawai Hideki’s art is beautiful. I haven’t gotten a chance to read it properly yet, though.

Yumemita Shuumatsu by Ishino Aya
There are sex scenes in this! Well. Kind of. A lot of oral. But that surprised me, once again! For some reason Ishino Aya struck me as a BL artist that would stick to doing softer stories, perhaps because I haven’t gotten the chance to read much by her yet. This one is a collection of short stories, all of which I find rather fascinating. There’s something about the atmosphere in her works that I really enjoy. If I had to compare my impression of her to another artist, I’d say she’s almost like Yamashita Tomoko when Yamashita Tomoko is being slightly less brutally realistic.

☆ Anyway, anyway! I’m actually dead-tired, since I was dumb and stayed up all night waiting for this package. orz When I read the stories properly I’ll try to do write-ups on them as separate posts!

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2 responses to “Moar manga!”

  1. Queen2408 says :

    Oh god…I envy you so much, they look so nice and beautiful…I had already heard of the Moe Danshi Gatari. You have some great art there.

    • ふう子 says :

      It’s very fun to get big packages of BL manga like this! 8D I keep telling myself to get a hobby that won’t cost so much in shipping fees, but when I can get excited over big book orders like this I think it’s worth it.

      Moe Danshi Gatari is AMAZING. I was thinking of taking some pictures of the inside illustrations/essays so I can post them here.

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