Citron website update!

Citron has updated their site! It’s become much more detailed now, and while there isn’t necessarily a lot of new information there are now new sections that will hopefully have more information at a later date. Under upcoming releases there’s the manga I already talked about by Aniya Yuiji, Danshi Meiro, and also a manga by Morozumi Sumitomo called Hakobune. This manga looks like the one that ran in Cab as well. Still no news as to why that is.

Anyway both of these will be released on the first of February. If you go to the site there’s a pop-up of cute pictures for the manga! (Aniya Yuiji’s is seen in this post—both characters are from LOVE no Tautology which ran in Cab volume one.) I recommend taking a small look around just for curiosity’s sake. It seems like later on you’ll also be able to take a look at inside images from the manga.

The cover art for Citron volume one still hasn’t been released, but I do believe they updated their author list for volumes one and two.

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