Snippets 003

♔ → Went through and edited the links list, and added a bunch more that I found. I’ve been meaning to try and put together a comprehensive list of mangaka’s websites, but that seems like so much work. orz For now, I’ll just add them as I come across them. There are also some fanblogs and publisher websites.

♔ → You can really tell that Aitsu no Daihonmei volume three was released just lately, because all the ladies on Chill Chill are jumping at the chance to review it. That manga is really popular, isn’t it?

♔ → Starry Sky Autumn and Winter fanbook! Current set release date is February tenth. J-just a second, I have to wipe the drool off my chin…

♔ → Nakamura Asumiko’s Sotsugyousei winter and spring release on January 28th. If I recall correctly, this is from Opera magazine? Anyway, if you live in Japan you’ll be happy to know that she’s having a signing event for these two books at the Ikebukuro Junkudou store.

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