Game “starry☆sky ~In Winter~” Part Four

It feels like an oddly long time since I did the third post. orz Again, I’ve been wasting all of my time on La Corda! We bought the La Corda 3 treasure box, so I’m super excited for late February now. But anyway, here’s number four of Aozora’s route playthrough.

We ended with “nui nui sa~” so there’s still some more of the scene left. Anyway, after some heartwarming moments you serve the boys some tea. This time it’s ‘different’ they say, meaning it’s actually appetizing for once? lmao. Shiranui is worried that there’s something wrong with you, since your tea isn’t nasty. How sweet of him. Even Aozora almost lets it slip that your tea is usually gross. Anyway, the three of you enjoy some leisure time together.

Then Amaha gets sleepy from the tea (can’t blame him, it happens) and Aozora kindly goes to get some blankets. Then, taadaaa, a CG! Can I just pause and use her given name and say Tsukiko is so cute in this picture? Something about her tiny little mouth. Anyway, you’re wedged between Amaha and Shianui, and Amaha seems pleased with that since “it’s warm being next to you.” In no time you’re all looking pretty drowsy. Amaha is the first to fall asleep and Shiranui gladly makes fun of him for it, but Shiranui is nonetheless quick to follow his example.

Just when you’re about to doze off as well, you hear Aozora’s soft voice telling you “you all worked hard, good night.”

You spend the entire night sleeping together like that, and wake up feeling like you had a lovely dream. Aozora is the second to wake up, and he asks “did you see my sleeping face?” You say you did, and ask if he’s unhappy with that. He says he’s not exactly unhappy about it, but nonetheless embarrassed. When he asks if he said anything in his sleep you reply that you didn’t hear anything, to which he seems a little too relieved. What exactly were you dreaming about, Aozora?

Then Shiranui wakes up, and in turn wakes Amaha. After some bickering, you all talk about breakfast. However, just as you’re all waking up properly you hear a bunch of commotion. The help crew came early today. Oddly, they say nothing about one pretty teenage girl spending the entire night with three attractive teenage boys, but w/e. They all came to help fix things up, since everything went so wrong last time. It’s all very touching.

But then some bastard interrupts the touching moment by taking a sneaky picture. Guess who!

Not to worry, though. Shirogane’s appearance gets everyone pumped to get to work for the day! Amaha cries “nui nui sa~” to which Shirogane is perhaps a little confused. Thus, Amaha makes the entire crew shout it. Battle cry! Everyone determination works out perfectly, and you’re able to complete the preparations in time.

There’s a pan of the lovely Christmas tree, and then they show the tables lit up with candles while the room is dark. Very pretty. Everyone does a countdown, aaand… Amaha switches on the lights for the tree! You’re amazed, and Aozora comments that it’s absolutely stunning. Shiranui, seemingly moved that everyone’s work has come to fruition, sounds almost like he’s going to cry. Shirogane seems like he’s going to comfort him, but then just starts crying himself rofl. You giggle at them, and are of course quite happy.

On your way home, you have a choice of what star you’re looking at:


Sirius, of course. However, suddenly you seem to slip on the snow. Of course, Aozora is there to catch you before you fall. He’s amazing like that. Shiranui also thinks Aozora is a player, because your face is bright red after being held by him. Oh bb~

You go home, and your last thoughts before bed are that it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and you hope there are many happy surprises in store.

Now it’s the day of the main event! It’s your job to light up the star at the top of the tree. For some reason you’re nervous? idk I guess plugging in a light can be pretty hard. Kazuki is even nice enough to escort you, and you’re still nervous. But after seeing the other student council members, you’re courageous enough to… plug in the light. lmao.

There’s a big cheer, and the party begins!

There’s then some talk about what other events the party has, before it’s Amaha’s main event! /o/ You, naturally, worry about this but Shirogane and Aozora comfort you before you all head out to see what Amaha’s ‘present’ is. When you arrive, you close your eyes and there’s another countdown.

Then, fireworks!

You’re astounded, and say “It’s like a dream!” Amaha asks if you’re moved by his efforts to give you fireworks, and seems very pleased when you reply that you, of course, are. You watch the fireworks for a while, and they come in many different colors. When you thank Amaha, he says that all he wanted was to see your smile. Awww. In the evening it starts snowing—a white Christmas.

After some more talk, another decision! Who do you want to alk home with?:

Shiranui Kazuki
Aozora Hayato
Amaha Tsubasa

Obviously, I picked Aozora. He seems pleased to have been chosen. Amaha whines about being abandoned and is then dragged off with Shiranui, leaving you and Aozora alone. You go to get your things from the club room, and Aozora waits for you. After you gather your things, though, he’s showing an oddly sad face. You question him for a while, and then your questions turn to asking him if he doesn’t think the times he spends with the student council are fun. I don’t really understand what he says (trying to understand Japanese + eating at the same time = good idea!) but you argue for a bit until finally he asks if you’ll go with him somewhere.

The two of you head down to where the party was being help, and Aozora admits to you that he hates Christmas. He tells you that Christmas at his house has always been a cold affair ever since he was little. He had shitty parents. Lame. This part is sad though because Aozora seems like he’s going to cry. You squeeze his hand reassuringly, and he’s startled by it. Sensing your concern he goes back to his normal self, hiding his sadness with a smile. You tell him it’s okay if he cries, and he seems once again sad but also very grateful. He then admits that he hasn’t necessarily come to like Christmas, but today definitely wasn’t a bad day. You try saying something to him, but he stops you from speaking and you stay together for a while longer in silence.

You go home, and it seems that you’re finally realizing you’re in love?

The when you’re back at school you’re all exhausted from the events of the party! You discuss that the new year will be coming in not too much longer. After asking what the other two will be doing and they say they don’t have plans, Shiranui asks you as well. When you say you do have plans, he says to cancel them because you have something to do with the student council. Well, then! You wonder if maybe this has something to do with the discussion Shiranui and Aozora were having that one night on the roof.

After the meeting, you consider where you should go:

The rooftop garden
Stay in the student council room
Head straight home

Student council room. You decide to take a quick nap on the sofa since you’re feeling sluggish. After you’ve doze off, you hear a gentle voice calling to you and a hand on your forehead. You seem to have a fever. You open your eyes to find Aozora in casual clothing, and ask why he’s there. He tells you that he saw the light on, and it’s a good thing he came. He asks why you didn’t say anything while everyone was still in the student council room, and you tell him you were planning on tidying up before you headed home. He’s much displeased by this and says he can clean up. You argue for a while and keep reiterating that you’re fine until he gets frustrated and tells you to not push yourself so much when he’s around. Remember, bitch, he wanted you to rely on him more. You still insist that you’re fine, and he smiles and tells you to let him worry about you a bit. After a bit more conversation, he takes your hand and helps you home.

And he helps you all the way into your bed! /o/ Not like that, jeez you perverts. But he nurses you back to health since he’s super sweet like that. He says that he’ll go get you something to eat, but you hold on to him. You want to tell him to stay by your side, but can’t get the words to come out. However, he seems to realize what you want and tells you that until you fall asleep, he’ll stay with you.

ドキュ~ン! ❤

When you wake up Aozora is gone, but he left food for you in your room. Though he left, you feel that his warmth remains.

Blah blah a bunch of writing I have trouble reading while showing a CG of snow. Fun times. Then you’re back in the student council room, and you get to see all the boys in their casual clothing! Shiranui looks freakishly thin in his tight shirt, idek what’s up with Shirogane’s one-piece jumpsuit, Aozora has very beige taste in clothing (I think I had those pants when I was younger!), and Amaha looks like he just stepped out of Hot Topic. If I were to pick a guy on personal style alone, I’d probably go with Shiranui. Not gonna lie.

Anyway, enough clothing commentary—the bus for the school trip is waiting!

Um then there a bunch of talk about food (nabe in particular) and then they mention Kinose and… fff… this is punishment for me not paying attention because I have no clue what’s going on. Luckily it’s just a lot of bickering about food that doesn’t really need to be understood completely? I think? I hope?

After preparation, you all head outside to have your year-end party. Which is nuts, seriously. Isn’t it cold? At least they’re going to eat nabe. I guess warm food feels even better when you’re outside and freezing. Anyway w/e I just noticed them mentioning Hoshizuki’s name so I’m going to bask in the glory of imagining him for a while.

But then, a cute CG! Ahaha I see Kinose’s hair sticking up behind Shiranui’s shoulder. Fantastic. Everyone seems to be enjoying the food aside from Aozora, who’s wearing a ‘I don’t like it but I’ll still eat it’ expression. There’s a nabe war between some of the extras, but everyone seems to be having fun. Shirogane lays down the Rules of Nabe, and you’re picked as the first one to get your food. Thus, a decision! What area will you grab from?

The center of the nabe pot
The left edge of the nabe pot
The right edge of the nabe pot

Left edge for Aozora! After some talk (which I didn’t really understand—I’m totally lost on this whole nabe thing) you go “aaaahn~!” and feed him. His reaction is less than great. Gross nabe is gross. Next is Shiranui, but after smelling the nabe he says “pass!” Shirogane says you can’t pass, but the line nonetheless moves on to Amaha. It seems that everyone put the grossest possible things in this nabe, since they’re evidently poor and can’t afford vegetables and meat like any proper nabe should have. Cereal? Pickled vegetables? Yakisoba bread? Really? This sounds absolutely vile, and you can tell the boys agree by the looks on their faces. Then Aozora has to eat okonomiyaki, poor thing.

A very unappetizing, though fun, night.

Afterward you do some stargazing, with the boys each pointing out their special star. You say the stars look like diamonds, to which Aozora agrees and Shiranui tries to turn into a pick-up line. Then it’s almost time for the New Year’s countdown! Afterward, you can heard the bell ringing in the distance, and Shiranui says “happy New Year!” etc. During your greetings with everyone for the New Year Shirogane is a pervert, and all the student council boys pretty much lay their claim on you. Ahh, love~

You seem to be rooming with the other student council members, which is a bit… err… oh well. Shiranui proposes everyone bathe together until he remembers that your sex is actually different from theirs. Amaha, however, wants to play games! Shiranui won’t stand for it, though—I guess he won’t be the type of dad who’ll spoil his children. To the bath!

When you get back (from bathing by yourself) no one else is around yet and you end up dozing off while you’re waiting for them, but before you can fall fully asleep they come back in. They bicker for a while before Hayato tucks you in properly so you don’t catch a cold. You’re still awake, but you don’t want to open your eyes. Amaha mentions that your sleeping face is cute, and Shiranui wonders why you aren’t more guarded around them since you’re a girl. Um, you’re the one who forgot she was female and invited her into the bath with you, Shiranui. I think Aozora says something along the lines of you not seeing them as ‘males’. Amaha then decides he wants to sleep beside you, and falls asleep pretty much instantly.

While you’re falling asleep, you hear Aozora thanking Shiranui for organizing this. Shiranui denies it saying he just thought it would be fun. This scene is maybe bordering on being damn gay, seriously. Anyway, then you fall asleep and have a dream that Shiranui, Amaha and you have a cake for Aozora’s 17th birthday. It’s a surprise party! However, when everyone surprises him he says that if you have time to plan something like that you should be working. Amaha and you are surprised over Aozora’s reaction, but Shiranui tells Aozora that if something makes him happy it’s okay to show it—if you’re feeling any strong emotions, it’s okay to wear them openly on your face. After that, Aozora relents and says how happy he is while sounding almost like he’s going to cry. He smiles, and while it’s not suiting to how he normally is it still fits. Once again in the dream, once you and Amaha fall asleep Shiranui and Aozora talk privately.

When you wake up from the dream everyone else seems to still be sleeping and the room is dark. You think for a while that it’s better when it’s the four of you, and wish it could always be like this. Then Aozora, seemingly awake the entire time, asks you what’s wrong. Surprised, you ask if he can’t sleep, to which he replies that he’s not used to the feeling of sleeping next to someone. You mention that the other two don’t seem like good sleepers (like, they sleep messily i.e. flail around a lot) and laugh, and Aozora asks what you think sleeping in between all of them. You’re taken aback by this. You reply that you didn’t even think about it, since the student council is like your family. Aozora seems caught on the idea of ‘family’, and then agrees that you’re all very important. Then the two of you go back to sleep after Aozora wishes you sweet dreams.

Anyway, I’ll cut this post off here since it’s getting a bit too long. o/ More Aozora-kun can wait for another day!

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