Spotlight: Kobato Mebaru

Here we are at the final spotlight post for my favorite five mangaka. We’ve come a long way. /wipes away tears of joy

Every time I start this post, I end up putting it under the ‘saved drafts’ folder because I inevitably get distracted while reading her manga in an attempt to figure out exactly what I want to say. Don’t judge me, bro, it’s hard to find ways to describe the things you love most—and Kobato Mebaru is one of those things for me.

Comic tankoubon:
Hashitteyuke Doko Made mo

Sawatte, Tokashite
Baby Baby Baby

Novel illustration:
Arisu Hakusho
Nobara no Koi
Love Square
Gyutto Zutto Dakishimete

There is also her doujinshi continuation of Sawatte, Tokashite called Touch me, and melt me (which I reviewed here) and then her joint with Ogura Muku under Munya Munya Sue Aishiteru Love You (reviewed here). She tends to do a lot of novel illustrations, though now that I look at the list of her compiled novels it seems oddly short. She is most consistently featured in Shousetsu Dear+. I don’t often see her named in BL manga monthlies. This breaks my little fujoshi heart, because I love her. A lot.

In my opinion, if you took the glorious smuttiness of Ootsuki Miu’s work and the sweet stories of Ogura Muku, then proceeded to mix in some of the cute giggly-ness of Aniya Yuiji’s characters, you’d probably get Kobato Mebaru. Or at least something very, very close. Her characters are cute and sweet and sexy and fun, all rolled into the perfect package. She knows when to make her stories serious, when to keep them comedic, and when to add the perfect sex scene like delicious whipped cream on top of a sundae.

The second I saw her art I completely fell for it. Instead of her characters having huge, wide eyes they’re almond-shaped, fox-like and quite beautifully detailed. The clothing she draws her boys in is adorably stylish, and so are their hairstyles. The bodies are lean and long to the point where they would look anorexic on any real person, but I don’t care because it’s absolutely stunning in the context. The facial expressions she draws are adorable and generally perfect for conveying the emotions she’d going for. Character designs are usually quite cute, and character personalities can range from being feminine to quite masculine depending on how you personally see them.

As said previously, her stories are light and simple and generally lead up to a sex scene. (Though she also has light stories that don’t end in sex!) My favorite is probably Flip Flop from the tankoubon Sawatte, Tokashite, because I’m a sucker for dirty stories about brothers. Other plots include bathhouse crushes, a cute story about a boy on the cheer club falling for a man who works at a train station, love between a student and his tutor, etc. She makes even the most cliché stories an absolute joy to read.

Sex scenes are niiiiiice! /o/ They are not as cute as Aniya Yuiji’s nor as smutty and graphic as Ootsuki Miu’s, but they have their own special personality to them. They’re probably explicit enough to make a person blush, but I don’t know how well they’d get someone off if that’s what you’re going for.

Overall, if what you’re going for is something deep and meaningful I wouldn’t exactly recommend Kobato Mebaru. However, her manga are always sweet and cute and have very high entertainment value. Plus, her drawings are definitely not something to turn your nose up at, with their distinct personal style and wonderful sense of design. I think that if you pass up her works, you’re definitely missing out! Please check them out. o/

Since it has been over a year since you last released something, Kobato-sensei, please release a new tankoubon soon! That is my New Year’s manga wish.


4 responses to “Spotlight: Kobato Mebaru”

  1. zorb10 says :

    Hello there,

    So at the beginning of the day, there I was, like any other day, surfing through the net like usual, searching here and there, one thing continued to lead to another, and now here I am, at your website, fascinated and grateful, for all these posts you have, info-packed and perfectly written in English, have completely won me over, to the point that I just HAD to make a wordpress account (believe me, the most dreadful thing in the world to do for me is to SIGN UP for something, no matter how important that might actually be), to express my gratitude and appreciation to your website, to voice out to let you know that there’s still someone supporting you over here.
    (besides, I seem to agree with you on LOTS of things, thus I just couldn’t seem to stay away from your site) :P

    Sorry, I know I’ve been rambling for too long, but it’s just that I really can’t just ignore you like some random people on the internet (it’s also probably ’cause I haven’t encountered that many people anyway, but who cares right) xD

    .. ANYhow, after letting all that out, now on to the MAIN subject (ahem), I gotta say I’m totally into Kobato Mebaru too! Her art was the first thing that caught my eyes (I usually only go for good arts), and then her fluffy adorably cute stories just got me hooked! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who goes for the usual bland & flavourless “fluff”. There’s actually something more special in the mangaka’s execution that kept her stories’ flows natural and sweet enough to the taste. And btw, I find the combination of your fav artists above quite amusing, yet actually quite accurate to some degree to be honest xD
    (I’m sorry, there are still TONS & TONS of things I wanna say more, but as it’s already 1:30am in my country, and mom’s gonna kill me when she sees me in this state at this hour, I’m gonna have to unwillingly stop here x( but not because there isn’t anything else to say, please know that. I’ll continue with this tomorrow, so I guess it’s just bye-bye for now) :)

    • ふう子 says :

      hahaha I’m honestly very very flattered that you would be willing to make a wordpress just to say all this to me. You are really too sweet! Thank you so much. 8) It makes my day to hear that you enjoyed reading my blog just that much.

      Kobato Mebaru really is a wonderful artist—she just has such a unique and pretty art style, I can’t get enough of it! I’m glad that recently she’s started publishing more BL again. Hopefully by the time next year rolls around she’ll have released enough BL stories to release a whole book. That would be so amazing, honestly. *w*) But her shoujo series is also very very cute, so I can’t complain too much.

      Anyway, again thank you so much for your comment and I’m incredibly honored that you would like my blog enough to write all this out for me! I hope you sleep well!

  2. zorb10 says :

    Aw, it’s so nice hearing she’ll release more BL in the future (yay!), though I’d wish her works were scanlated more often than they are right now, since my Japanese level is pretty much about 0.05, and sometimes I can’t even find scans in Japanese (they’re mostly in Chinese all the time, and it’s not just with Kobato Mebaru but many other mangakas too, I mean what is that all about?) :|

    Oh and btw, I’m totally with you on the sex part in the post above ;) Sooo true! xD

    • ふう子 says :

      haha the whole Chinese scans thing has been killing me, too—to the point where I’ve pretty much stopped looking for scanls altogether. orz English and Japanese, I can do, but Chinese is definitely a language I can’t read even a little bit. I think it’s because there have been so many anti-scan crackdowns on English fandom, but for some reason Chinese fandom has gone pretty much untouched by publishers so they still release things consistently. Whereas English fandom has become a lot more cautious, so they’re less likely to share raw scans, or spread their English scanlations as much as they would have previously.

      Kobato Mebaru’s H scenes are very lovely! :9

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