Takao Hiroi & Kamuro Akira “Ikenai Otoko”

The fact that TATSUKI’s third chapter of Hachigatsu no Mori isn’t posted yet can be totally blamed on the manga Ikenai Otoko. (A lie.) I was recommended this manga by Queen2408 on MAL while we were having a discussion, and since I thought the cover art looked interesting I thought I would definitely give it a try. Actually, I really really liked it! I was already expecting to like it but not quite this much.

I told myself that I would finish editing a scan and then reward myself with reading a chapter of the manga but I ended up starting with chapter one and reading all the way to the end without taking a single glance at photoshop in-between. orz

Ikenai Otoko is a manga written by Takao Hiroi and drawn by Kamuro Akira, and it’s about a young man named Ryou who joins a gay porno company for some ‘tips’ after his current lover breaks it off saying “you come too fast!” Poor Ryou. Such heartbreaking words for a young man to hear. There he meets the quite pretty ‘uke’ type Makoto and the ‘seme’ type Tatsuya, as well as a cast of other interesting characters. While he’s instantly attracted to Makoto and wants to tap that ass, he can’t help but also be enamoured by the strong and confident Tatsuya. After a try at making a movie with Makoto, Ryou fails horribly (the worst technique of all called ‘getting too lost in the moment and just pounding away over-eagerly at who you’re having sex with’), and so Tatsuya says that he’ll ‘teach’ Ryou the uke role—which is a shock to Ryou and his virgin ass.

Which leads to hot, hot sex and rejoicing over the beauty of the prostate gland.

And love. That too.

Okay so let’s be honest here—the plot in this one lends a good premise and is well-kept, but the developement was a bit rushed (like the fact that Ryou and Tatsuya were just suddenly in love). But there’s a fucking BOY’S Pierce logo on the cover. BOY’S Pierce. Who needs plot if this manga ran in BOY’S Pierce? That magazine is one of my favorite magazines because I really couldn’t care less about the plots in the stories. BP is so unapologetically about gay porn that it earned my true dedication the second I opened the cover and saw that the first page was an smutty drawing by Hino Garasu of two boys fucking in the art room.

But I digress.

The best part of this manga was the sex. Period. (Okay, also the humor—but I’ll get to that later.) Which is good, because the plot promises lots of sex. Porno company! Guy learning about sex technique! What more could you want?

And the sex does not disappoint, oh no. Can we say ‘uncencored, close-up and in multiple positions’? Yes we can, and yes will. Kamuro Akira draws some stunning bodies that are lean and cut but also very masculine, and they look great in action. Clenched fists (and butts!), curled toes, flushed faces and glorious tears of arousal. Also, threesomes. And cum that flies, like, ten feet. That’s some world-record shit right there.

Coming from me, this is actually weird—because I personally don’t generally like manga about promiscuous sex. This is the sole reason I tend to avoid anything by mangaka like Sadahiro Mika. But somehow they made it work so well in this. All the sexual interactions were handled in such a straight-forward, light-hearted manner that didn’t leave room for pety jealousy or broken hearts or cheating significant others.

(Though I almost wished it was longer so I could see how Ryou and Tatsuya felt about still keeping up their porn careers while in a relationship with each other. I actually got the vibe that they were okay with it, which makes me do the satisfied ¦D face.)

I also liked the realistic additions like using the enema before sex scenes, condoms, seemingly proper preparation, sex that lacked emotions of attachment and was done for a job but was nonetheless fun, etc.

The relationships were cute. Everyone at the studio was on quite friendly terms, and I enjoyed the attraction between Ryou and Tatsuya very much. I worried for a while that Makoto was still in love with Tatsuya for a while and it would cause unnecessary drama, but he was good-natured about Tatsuya’s attraction to Ryou and even helped play match-maker. The three-way scene between them was just unf. I also adored the relationship between Josh and Shino, especially during the chapter when they were younger. All the characters were interesting and quite likeable.

Anyway, on to the humor! It’s hard to describe why things are funny, because when you explain a joke it really takes away the punch-line. But I can assure you that there’s much hilarious bashing of Ryou’s pride (such as his “fast” ejaculation, as well as his ten-foot one) and cute comic relief with Josh and his over-eagerness to take pictures and write scripts for sex scenes. Plus, lots of other funny moments that break up all the filthy sex and make this less smutty or more of an all-around fun read!

Overall, highly recommended! If you’re in the mood for something dirty without the overeager plot and melodrama, I say you should check this one out as soon as possible. Though I’m probably the only person who hadn’t read it at this point, really. I’m always behind the times like that.

Anyway, the pictures in this post were taken from the English edition kindly done by Blissful Sin! If, like me just a few hours ago, you have not read it I recommend heading over, downloading it and dropping them a nice comment of thanks!

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