Snippets 002

♔ → Stay Gold ~ Koi no Lesson A to Z has a drama CD?? I did not know this! However, it’s only been out for, like, sixteen days so I’m not going to blame myself for being unaware haha. I want to listen to it, but I’m sure it hasn’t been uploaded anywhere yet. (;w; )

♔ → Still speaking of drama CDs, and also from the same source, Inoue Nawo’s Suteneko no Ie also had a drama CD released on the same day! I love that story!

♔ → I read the five supposedy-complete-but-maybe-not chapters of Kunieda Saika’s 50 x 50 last night! I quite liked it, though I found the not!sex scenes to be a bit of a cock-block since it was tagged as ‘yaoi’ so I was expecting more. I wish people would stop tagging regular shounen ai stories as ‘yaoi’. So cruel. /o\ It was quite humorous, though, and the characters were interesting, though something about stories where the men continuously have sex but nonetheless deny their attraction to each other kind or irritates me. (Koisuru Boukun is another example of this.)

♔ → I really want to read Miike Romuko’s Hi-Fi Life! orz It’s currently number eight on Chill-Chill’s top rated list, so I keep seeing it and ogling the adorable cover. Not to mention Miike Romuko just general has such cute manga.

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