Drap issue 02/10

Drap just finally updated their site with information about the February issue! \o/ This is happy news for me because I actually purchased this issue. So this is stuff I actually have to look forward to, in. Uh. Twenty days.

→ Chapter two of Ootsuki-sensei’s Ouji Hiroimashita! Yay! I may not get to read chapter one, but I guess this still works?

→ A-Aniya Yuiji manga? I didn’t realize this when I bought the magazine! However, it says that this will be the finaly chapter. orz See, this is why people buy entire subscriptions to magazines—it sucks when you buy a random issue only to get a chapter of a manga in the middle or at the end of a series.

→ Chapter one of Wanko to Nyanko! …wait, what? Didn’t volume three just come out?? This is the ‘adult’ continuation? I… see.

→ Aoi Levin! /o/ Chapter two. Well. Who says I need to understand what’s actually going on in the things I read, anyway? 8T

→ Kikuya Kikukoooooooo!!

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