Why you need to read ‘Startline’

I first read Startline a couple months ago or so, when the first chapter was released by Blissful Sin. (FYI, they’re a pretty kick-ass scanlation group—their ‘future’ list has some great artists including Watanabe Asia and Kijima Hyougo and their upcoming releases list includes two manga by Kobato Mebaru and one by Kitazawa Kyou! What’s not to love?!) Anyway, I thought I’d pimp Startline a bit here because hooooly shit is it fantastic.

To begin, Startline is a manga by Oyamada Ami. It’s about Kei, who’s big into track, and his friend Hayato—for a long time Hayato, a year younger, had been trailing dutifully in Kei’s footsteps. However, it wasn’t long before Hayato became taller and faster. Because of this and various other circumstances, the boys grew apart. However, Kei has forbidden feelings for a fellow track member, a different track senpai seems to have feelings for him, and Hayato seems to have no qualms about sharing his feelings for Kei as well.

I’m not doing it justice, really, sorry about that. You have to read it yourself, because oh my god is the art pretty. So, so pretty. Kei and Hayato are sporty boys with lean, cut bodies. Oyamada-sensei is a good enough artist to make them really actually look like sportsmen. Their faces are detailed and incredibly handsome, and everything is just. Uh. Gorgeous. There’s really no other way to describe it. They’re incredibly handsome young men, no two ways about it.

Incredibly handsome young men you get to see masturbating. And making out with each other. And having emotional turmoil, because they love track so much but also have romance issues and poor Kei seems confused as to what he really even wants at any given moment. This is like a shounen manga if a shounen manga were really just what all of the doujinshi written for it wish it were actually about—sports, hot guys, friendship and great sex.

Now that is at least one way to make me interested in a manga about sports, not gonna lie.

Anyway, I highly recommend anyone who sees this read it (!!) and make sure to leave to lovely volunteers at Blissful Sin a comment to thank them for working on it!


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