Snippets 001

Here is where I shall just talk pointlessly about small BL-related things that I’ve taken note of or gotten excited from through the past day or so, since there are generally a lot of things that make me happy, but I don’t have an entire post’s worth of words or pictures to justify an entire new entry.

♔ → Ootsuki Miu’s new drap manga is called “Ouji Hiroimashita” (王子ひろいました) and started in the January issue. Hino Garasu also has a manga running in that issue called “Achira no Koi” (彼方の恋), Aoi Levin has one called “Bokura no Jikan” (僕らの時間), and Moto Haruko has one called Sagatte O’machi Kudasai (下がってお待ち下さい).

♔ → As for Ootsuki-sensei’s manga in the latest issue of Daria (02/10), it’s called “Amai Yuuwaku” (甘いユウワク) and I think it’s a oneshot? Also in that issue is something by Shimotsuki Kairi called “Switch” (スイッチ), a manga by Tojitsuki Hajime called “Yukiyama Tojou, Yamagoya ni te” (雪山途上、山小屋にて). Also, an author I’d previously never heard of, Tateno Tooko.

♔ → Today Bliss released chapters two and three of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Mankai Darling! I don’t talk about her much, but I really really love Yamamoto Kotetsuko. Her stories are always so silly and cute. Thus, I also adore Bliss for always picking up her works! Not only are they also currently doing two of her other stories and just finished another, Chunchun ga Chun is in their list of future projects! I know I’m definitely excited.

♔ → In more release news, I quite liked Blissful Sin’s latest full release, Dokusenyoku by Hyuuga Seiryou. When I’d first seen it I’d been iffy because I wasn’t too taken in by the art, but I quite like the art on the inside as compared to the cover! It’s very pretty and the boys are all quite lovely. Chapters three and four were my favorite

♔ → Today Ogura Muku and Kobato Mebaru’s joint doujinshi under the circle Munya Munya Sue fell off of Chill Chill’s top five doujinshi list. 8( This might well be because the doujinshi is too old at this point to be featured there, but sad nonetheless as I liked seeing it at #1 every time I went to the site. However, it was replaced by Nekota Yonezou’s “Fumi-kun mo Mousou” (ふみくんも妄想) so it’s all good.

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4 responses to “Snippets 001”

  1. kery says :

    this is utterly random but i’m the translator for Dokusenyoku and i loved chap 3 and 4 too xD

    have you read her other book? it’s called “Daikirai!! Demo Honto wa ne…” and there’s a hilarious story inside about a meek karate black-belt who loves shoujo manga and his bad-boy schoolmate. it’s awesome <3

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank you for your hard work at translating Dokusenyoku! I enjoyed it very much! :3

      I’ve only read one chapter of that one, sadly, but I’ll definitely make sure to look for the tankoubon at some point in the near future. That story sound really cute!

      • kery says :

        Well I enjoyed translating it too xD So it all works out I guess!

        I love Ogura Muku too. Damn, we should totally be friends, we’d get along so damn well.

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