Game “starry☆sky ~In Winter~” Part Three

I got Yunoki’s Good End today when playing La Corda! \o\ This is super exciting because I suck at the PS2 version of La Corda and this is the first time ever I’ve gotten something better than Casual End (and usually I don’t even do that well).

However, that’s not what this post is about! It’s time for… part three of Aozora’s starry☆sky ~In Winter~ playthrough!

When we last left off, you’d just encountered Aozora in the music room playing piano. He’s facing away from you, and when he first sees you he seems a bit surprised but calms down quickly. You’d thought he was crying, but now it doesn’t seem like it. Instead, he offers a pretty smile. You tell him that you hadn’t known he could play the piano, and that he’s very good at it. To which he replies that he’s not really very good, and there are many people out there who’re better than him, but he thanks you nonetheless.

The two of you talk about the piano for a while, which is mostly just you asking him questions and him looking more and more melancholy. You notice that his smile seems forced. But you learn that he used to be in the music club. You ask him to play for you one more time, and he relents and says he’ll play a bit more since it was you who asked. Thus, a very gentle song that’s quite suited to his personality is played. However, it’s also a very sad-sounding song.

Poor bb. 8(

He then cuts the song off. You ask what the song was, and he answers “Tears of the Polestar.” You say that though the song made you sad, you really loved it. In reply, he smiles and says he’s happy that you liked it and that it has a secret hidden in the song. He then says something like “the people who hear it will become fascinated with me.” I’m not exactly sure about that part. orz

When you’re surprised by this he smiles and says he was joking, which turns into him saying that, yes, he is also able to make jokes just like everyone else. The conversation is successfully ended with him saying that if you liked the song, you can come back and listen to him play it again sometime.

You feel your fondness for Aozora growing, etc. The two of you decide to walk home together! He holds the door for you on your way out, and is just ahhh perfect guy yesplz.

However, in your room that night you go back to thinking about… Shiranui? 8| Or more like, the fact that all the fun you’re having now is going to end when he graduates in three months. Hey, Aozora and Amaha will still be around!

The next day at school, the current date is circled on the calendar in red pen. When Aozora gets there (a bit late), you’re alone as usual with Amaha and Shiranui off doing only god knows what in the lab. Sex? Baking cookies? Smoking reefer? idk. Oh wait, inventing stuff. Yeah, that one. To make it a little less awkward now that the two of you are alone and have ~feelings~ for one another, Aozora brings up the red mark on the calendar, which hadn’t been there the day before. Hmmm what could that be about?

The two of you go about work, but Amaha and Shiranui don’t show up for the entire day. Slackers. However, just as you and Aozora are about to head home together again, Shiranui shows up! And says… you won’t be going home that day. Well then. Aozora is relatively upset about this, but this is one of those times Shiranui is too caught up in himself to be afraid of Aozora. Geez, you guys, didn’t you see that the calendar is marked!? Before you head out, Shiranui says to put on something warm. As in, a scarf?

Once you’re on the roof, I guess this is that ‘between men’ secret Shiranui had been hiding. You all hang together on the roof until nightfall, eating dinner together and… talking? Amaha seems to fall asleep after eating and Shiranui talks about planning this little get-together. Aozora asks you if you’re cold, ever the gentleman. Another happy time spent together with your friends.

Then there’s suddenly some vague conversation while they think you’re asleep in which Shiranui asks what Aozora will be doing for winter break, telling him to not push himself and if he gets lonely by himself he can always come over. Hmm. But this is interrupted by a lovely meteor shower! They show you pretty much the same CG from the snowball fight scene (lmao) as everyone lays down and gazes at the shooting stars. Aozora exclaims that he didn’t think things so beautiful existed in the world.

After that, the four of you just sit and watch the stars. Amaha ‘catches’ some of them and gives them to everyone, though saves the biggest star for you. Amaha then proceeds to ask you why you’re so fascinated with the night sky, which brings up the following choices:

“Because of the legends behind the constellations.”
“Because I used to look at them with my childhood friends.”
“Because you don’t have to think of anything else.”

Err. Wasn’t sure about that last one. Oops. Anyway, first answer! Terrible nerd that he is, Aozora says that he likes the stars for the same reason. Cue a pretty profile view of him up close! They then cut back to the four of you laying on the roof together, staring at the stars, and you make a wish for the four of you to be able to watch the stars just like this next year. Shiranui reassures you that you’ll always be under the same sky. The night ends with that.

Aaaaaaand, it’s the beginning day of the Christmas party preparations! /o/ Supposedly the tree for the event is absolutely huge. The boys bicker for a while before they cut to the student assembly of sorts, which I think it just Shiranui talking to the helpers? When Amaha gets up to announce his new invention, you actually get to hear more student voices! One of them sounds… quite girly. I thought it was a girl at first. Now I want to know what he looks like. Anyway, they sound less than excited about Amaha’s ‘creativity’. Thus, the invincible Aozora cuts him off.

After a bit more bickering, you’re given the choice of what to decorate the tree with first:

“Star ornament.”
“Angel ornament.”
“Apple ornament.”

A-apple?! Anyway, second choice! When you see the angel ornament you exclaim about how cute it is, and Aozora says it resembles you. Awww. Then Amaha breaks up the cheesy romance by saying the oyaji santa ornament resembles Shiranui, rofl. Shiranui is not too pleased by this.

Cut to a new scene. Shiranui and you are glad everyone seems to be having fun, and Aozora proves what a worrywart he is by saying things are going too well. You make fun of Aozora for this, but then Amaha… Err… We’ll just say Aozora was right to worry. The preparations are soon interrupted by everyone freaking out over whether Amaha’s new invention is going to blow the place to pieces. Aozora asks you to leave the building along with everyone else. He’ll go gray at an early age, that boy.

Soon enough, Aozora is wearing his “someone’s gonna die!” face over the huge interruption in their schedule. As they should be, Shiranui and Amaha are terrified of this. He advances toward them, and you know you should probably start praying for their souls soon. He literally does the ‘fufufu~” laugh and it’s pretty damn scary. The only thing that stops him from sending them to an early grave is you shouting to Aozora that he’s already scared them enough.

However, even with all the commotion it’s a fun night. Your happiness is momentarily destroyed by people mentioning how Shiranui will be graduating soon, but the boys quickly cheer you up by just being themselves.

Next day there’s more Christmas preparation. After some talk it leads up to another group of choices for which ornament to hang on the tree:

“A present ornament.”
“A Santa ornament.”
“A reindeer ornament.”

A reindeer for Aozora! (The oyaji Santa ornament was for Shiranui, lol.) You take the reindeer out of the box and study it for a while, thinking that’s it’s also very cute, and then look for a place on the tree to hang it. When you’re hanging it some random dude bumps you and you start to fall. (?) However, someone catches you. Opening your eyes, you see that it’s Aozora. He asks if you’re okay, and then urges everyone to be more careful because he wouldn’t forgive them if you were to get hurt. As the other guy apologizes profusely, Aozora reiterates that he’s glad you weren’t harmed. Also, it seems that he hasn’t stopped holding you even after it’s been stated that you’re perfectly fine. You say it’s okay for him to let go now, and he gets really embarrassed. It’s… really cute. He then offers to hang your reindeer ornament for you!

New day, new student assembly for party preparation? Shiranui is his same weird self, rallying the rest of the students. After that is homeroom, and then after homeroom you head back to where the boys are. It seems Amaha isn’t going to give up on his crazy invention and has made a new version. He wants to show it to you, but Aozora quickly intervenes and says that playtime is over. You work for a while, and then head to lunch! Thus, the choice of what you’ll eat:

“Curry Rice.”

Tonjiru it is, supposedly because it’s warm and delicious. Shiranui makes fun of the answer, saying it’s quite “old man”-ish. But luckily, Aozora is there to stand up for your “old man” tastes, and then Amaha also agrees that it’s tasty. After lunch it’s more work, and then you break it up for the day. Or not? Aozora seems to head off somewhere, and then there’s some commotion started by some boys who’re messing around. Luckily, Shiranui is still there to scare them off. But when the douchebags are running away, they collide with the tree and it conveniently is about to fall right on top of you. Oh shit. Sucks to be an otome game heroine.

Aozora rushes in and saves you at the last second, and the poor thing seems worried again. Seemingly, all he’s getting out of this relationship are premature wrinkles. “I really thought my heart was going to stop,” he says in a shaky voice. Then he actually smiles at you (a real smile!), and you’re truly moved by this side of Aozora.

Then Shiranui heads over, and Aozora asks if you can stand. Amaha also comes over to make sure you’re okay. But Shiranui is pissed. Cue the battle music, bro, it’s about to get bloody in here. He chews those boys a new ass, and I’m sure by the time he’s done they feel like they’re one foot tall each. (The side to Shiranui that’s actually responsible is rather hot, I must say.) Afterward, Shiranui says that it’s getting late and it’s time to head home, but the fellow workers whine that they don’t have time since Christmas is so close. The jerks who tipped the tree on you say they’ll fix it since it was their fault, but Shiranui is back to his carefree self and tells everyone to not worry about it. You suddenly feel that as long as Shiranui is leading and the other two are alongside you, you can do anything. You all vow to keep doing your best.


Anyway, this is where I’ll stop for now, as it’s getting really late and it’s hard to concentrate on languages you aren’t fluent in when you’re sleepy! Part four will pick up where we left off here!

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