Spotlight: Taumi Mayu

Taumi Mayu’s earliest tankoubon was published in late 2008, but I believe before that she worked on doujinshi for shounen anime and manga series. On her website she has fanart for Death Note, Gintama, Full Metal Alchemist, etc. However, this information does nothing for me since I don’t really read shounen manga, so. Lets move on.

Sumidagama Shinjuu
Koi to Zaiaku

I first heard of Taumi Mayu in June of ’09 or so, after seeing the cover for her first tankoubon work Sumidagawa Shinjuu. I found the cover art to be quite cute and eye-catching, so I searched it out right away. Sadly, as much as I like her it’s quite easy to forget she exists if only because she has pretty much zero fan-following in the western fandom. As far as I know, there aren’t any scanlations groups who’ve stepped forward to pick up her works.

Her art has a touch of that ‘shounen’ manga simplicity. I definitely wouldn’t call it pretty. Her boys are very boyish and skinny and kind of plain, but that makes them cute in their own way. And while the art isn’t very flowery, it’s far from lacking detail. She puts a lot of effort into showing the personalities and interests of her characters through their clothing and facial expressions.

She seems to have some sort of fixation with music and bands. Quite a few of her stories include music, musicians or at least music lovers in some way or another. Her latest story Buggy no Song (currently running in Cab—all of her works are released under Marble Comics so far, though she also has stories in magazines like Reijin and Dear+) is a good example of this. Not to mention, her character’s clothing styles are always quite reminiscent of outfits worn by Japanese indie musicians and people in those circles.

She’s also got a pretty great sense of humor. It maybe borders on being a bit slap-stick, but she uses comedy at the perfect moments to break up the story. She definitely isn’t afraid to make a joke of her characters. One story I found paricularly cute (in a very silly, face-palm way) was Nadeshiko Galaxy.

I’m still unsure of whether or not I want to scan Buggy no Song from Cab. It shouldn’t be too much longer until the tankoubon comes out, and I think she should at least be popular enough for that to get scanned. We’ll have to see, since Koi to Zaiaku hasn’t been posted online as far as I know.

Until then, I’ll just wait patiently for Cab volume five, as it has the fourth and final chapter of Buggy no Song in it.


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