Spotlight: Gojoe / Gojoe Tiger

Look at the time! That’s right—it’s time to do a flail-y post about Gojoe! \o/

Gojoe (ごじょー) started out simply as one of my favored VOCALOID fanartists, but then I happened to purchase one of her doujinshi and completely fell for her. As far as regular fanart goes, she’ll draw anyone. However, her two seemingly favorite pairings are Master/KAITO and MEITO/AKAITO. I personally am not too into MEITO/AKAITO (I prefer AKAITO/Mikuo) but I won’t let pairing preferences get in the way of enjoying her super!moe art. She tends to personify KAITO as somewhat girly and naive, but I’m not the type to be bothered if males act effeminate so this doesn’t really phase me. She pairs KAITO with many different masters, but there’s one in particular she uses quite often. I tend to forget his name.

She also does fanart and doujinshi for the series ‘Gintama’ (which I’ve never seen), as well as UTAU and Hetalia sometimes. She’s also one of the few fanartists who seems to enjoy drawing for LaLaVoice!

Just earlier this year she made her original manga debut in the September issue of BOY’S Pierce magazine with her oneshot Cafe Neko no Himegoto. Personally, I found this story quite cute! In general BOY’S Pierce fashion, it was pretty smutty, but I love the smut stories just as much as I love the plot stories. Gojoe’s art style is super cute, and with practice I could really see her becoming a fabulous mangaka.

Later on, in the next issue of BOY’S Pierce, she did some colored illustrations. She hasn’t released anything in a magazine since, but her website does mention two original doujinshi (one she released for J.GARDEN 27 and FuyuComi, and another for J.GARDEN 28). She is also going strong with releasing VOCALOID doujinshi, the newest of which was sold at Comiket77 (which just happened December 30th, iirc). She has definitely not been neglecting her fan works even while working hard to put out more original stories.

I really love her, and I hope she catches on a bit and is able to release more original manga.

※ as per her request on her website, the images here were NOT taken from there. They were scanned by works of her’s that I personally own. I request anyone reading this also not take her personal works, since she asked for people to not do so. Please don’t make me regret linking her pixiv. 8(


One response to “Spotlight: Gojoe / Gojoe Tiger”

  1. oca_ikcs says :

    love that mangaka arts..

    can u share the links?


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