“Madobe no Kimi” inside cover

Posting again so soon, but I thought this was quite cute! As impatient as ever since my package won’t arrive any time soon (calm down, self, you have 23 more days to wait this out), and also because I have so much time on my hands that I type my favorite mangaka’s names into A!JP pretty much daily, I went to Kumota Haruko’s amazon page and noticed that, hey!, Madobe no Kimi has the ‘look inside’ feature! I wanted to see if I could get a glance at some scans that are better than the ones I have (which are Chinese and low-ish quality), so I thought it was worth it to take a peek.

Which it was, because I’d never seen this page before!:

(click to make it larger! It was originally a light brown, but I grayscale and colorburn’d it to make it easier to read.)

It’s the inside cover a.k.a. the cover underneath the dust jacket. And in cute Kumota-sensei fashion, she used it as a contents guide of sorts and also wrote in which Marble Comics catalogue the story originally ran in. ❤ For some reason I found this to be oddly adorable (also, useful), possibly because I’m biased toward sensei.


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