Spotlight: TATSUKI

Since I’m currently in the process of editing scans for chapter one of TATSUKI’s Hachigatsu no Mori, I figured she (he?) would be a good candidate for the next author spotlight.

Moshimo Negai ga

TATSUKI is a relatively new mangaka, I think. From glancing through Amazon Japan, it seems she has only published one tankoubon and it’s from over a year ago. Her latest story, Hachigatsu no Mori, is currently publishing in Cab but supposedly just recently finished off in the fifth volume with five complete chapters.

Her style is quite realistic. Story wise, she goes the same route as Furutsuji Kikka and other similar mangaka by writing Slice of Life type romances. Her settings are all generally relatable and something you could easily see in day-to-day life. The stories never include anything particularly outrageous, such as kidnapping or rape or killing or rich, powerful businessmen.

Her characters are always quite boyish. While she’s drawn some looking relatively pretty, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character design by her that I’d call ‘effeminate’ (except maybe the boy from the third chapter of Moshimo). In Moshimo Negai ga her art style is soft with clean lines, but it seems a bit more sketchy in Hachigatsu no Mori. Either way, it’s a quite refreshing, unique art style to the BL fandom.

Her stories have yet to be sexual. Even the kisses are very soft and innocent. It’s more about youthful relationships and emotions, and less about lust. She instead puts a lot of emotional detail into smaller things like holding hands, hugging, soft caresses, etc.

I quite like her! It took me a while to notice her story from Cab, since something about Souta (the main character from Hachigatsu) reminded me of the Buddha and I couldn’t take him seriously. It was probably the buzzcut. But after a few more chapters I took quite an interest in it. And I’m glad I did.


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