Spotlight: Aniya Yuiji

Okay this is less for my reference and more in hopes of someone stumbling across it and also falling in love, because I already know the names of Aniya Yuiji’s manga and already love her to pieces. She’s part of my Fab Four mangaka (also includes Kobato Mebaru, Ogura Muku and Ootsuki Miu, whom I will also do posts on in the future because bitches need more recognition) and what initially caught my eye were the sex!faces she draws.

Yes, sex!faces.

Shit, son.

Kigeki wa Koi de Shinkasuru
Mister Convenience
Shisei no Otoko
Renai Saiban no Yukue
Kangoku 69
Danshi Meiro

She also has many doujin works.

Like with many other artists, I discovered Aniya Yuiji while reading Cab. While it took me a while to get used to her art style and characters designs, I found the sex scene oddly fascinating. In the first thing I read by her, it’s less sex than it is two boys masturbating together while doing a lot of really wet kissing and petting, and I think it was possibly the first time I’d ever seen a dirty scene where the boys were enjoying it so much. Usually in BL (and also in non-BL, really), it’s the one on top doing all the work and grunting away, and the one on the bottom just taking it with clenched teeth or saying ‘it’s so good!’ every once in a while. However, Aniya Yuiji’s sex scenes contain a lot of giggling and moaning and grinning and joking and so on and so forth. They make sex seem so much more fun and lively and oddly sweet.

I was so struck by that single sex scene that I decided to seek out more by her pretty much instantly.

Sadly, she’s not really too well-known. Two of her manga (Shisei and Kigeki) are currently being scanlated by Nakama, but only have two and one chapters completed respectively. There hasn’t been much buzz around them, either, it would seem.

Her art could be described as excessively flow-y. There are almost no hard angles in her character designs, and even sometimes in her backgrounds. A lot of the time she leaves her characters faces mostly lacking detail until a scene comes up where, BAM!, the face is so detailed that it’s almost breathtaking. And she does this completely on purpose. She’s brilliant like that.

As far as plot goes, she’s not exactly a master at it. Like Ootsuki Miu, she knows what she excels at–sex scenes. Really pretty, hot sex scenes. So her plots are generally left very small and lacking great depth. Other than that, she seems to put the most effort into her characters. Character personalities vary from being extremely boyish to quite feminine. Who’s on top or bottom doesn’t really seem to matter. They are almost always quite likeable. I have yet to read a manga by her where someone is unnecessarily asshole-ish. Everyone is generally pretty realistic and without one-dimensional personalities.

She has a very interesting sense of humor, as well. She enjoys making jokes of her characters and also of normal BL scenarios. In her work for Cab volume four, there’s a scenario where the one everyone would assume to be the seme admits that he’s ‘neko’ in order to hopefully make the pretty uke-type boy who’s pursuing him back off—however, this does the opposite as pretty uke!boy announces “tee hee, I’m a tachi!” I do the scene no justice with my description, but it’s actually quite cute in print!

I find her to be one of the more unique, interesting mangaka in the BL world today (that I personally know of, obviously), so it depresses me that pretty much no one else seems to know her name. I really wish she’d catch on a bit more. Her writing and drawing style is very fun and interesting, and while her stories aren’t groundbreaking and deep they’re often cute and a bit heartwarming at the very least.

Also, her sex scenes are hot.

Like, really hot.


3 responses to “Spotlight: Aniya Yuiji”

  1. Olya says :

    Found out about Aniya Yuiji through your website. First thought her art style was a bit off, but then I looked a bit closely and – suddenly, a revelation – her art is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen, it is as if the art is another character in her works, so individual and full of subtle emotions. And some of the panels, I want to have large prints of them to hang on the walls.
    Well, and the sex scenes of course, rival the ones of Ootsuki Miu.

    • ふう子 says :

      yay I’m so happy that you’ve come to love her! Her art is a bit unusual but the more I see it, even now, the more and more that I feel it’s really beautiful.

      And some of the panels, I want to have large prints of them to hang on the walls.
      hahaha same! For now I just have to settle for the poster I got with an issue of Boy’s Pierce.

  2. zorb10 says :

    LOL sex!faces xD
    (I swear no one can find a word more appropriate than that) ;D

    The thing with Aniya Yuiji is that she has this strange air around her stories that ‘s actually captivating enough to pull the readers in while leaving them wanting for more. And it’s not like she hides away the sex to do so. Oh no, then that would be totally un-Aniya Yuiji-like. I completely agree with what you said there: “she knows what she excels at–sex scenes”, and she just goes right with them (sometimes quite shamelessly, but then there’d be more candies more us right) xD This doesn’t mean her stories are just about sex either. No matter how simple or complex the plot might be, Aniya Yuiji knows just the way to transform stuff into a hot mess with loads of sweetness and a bit twinkles of comedy. And that’s what really makes a good storyteller, not like those whose plots are complicated as hell while having too many lose threads to the point where it’s annoying.

    Another thing is her art, oh man, it’s just too cute and sweet for normal human beings xD I mean, who would actually have that much snots and sniffles during sex eh? xD Yet somehow she manages to make things go strangely into place, and I just can’t agree more with you how she makes her boys enjoy sex so much, it’s just too endearing to watch them do their stuff while having that much pleasure xD

    Anyway, at the time you posted this article I guess she was kinda new to BL fans out there (I know too well that feeling of yours when your beloved mangaka isn’t getting the attention she actually deserves), but trust me, at this point in the game, I’m pretty sure she’s gained quite many more fans (well at least there’s me) and it’s only a matter of time when she’ll become more & more well-known. I’m really looking forward to be able to read more of her stuff (scanlated of course T_T ) in the future

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