Kobato Mebaru Dear+ Covers

Kobato Mebaru actually just updated her blog today, and I didn’t really read it (lol lazy) but she said something about Dear+. Thus, when I was doing that reference post of BL magazines it dawned on me that OH, I SEE, she was saying that she did the most recent cover of Shousetsu Dear+. It’s super duper cute, so I figured I’d show it off here along with her other Dear+ covers.

DORKY, I KNOW. But I always get super excited when artists I love get front cover. I almost want to buy all these just because which would be stupid because, uh, three of them are novel publications. But so pretty. It’s almost worth it just for the eye candy, and no one seems to care enough about Kobato Mebaru to scan her novel illustrations. 8(

I wish she’d catch on more.

Images were, quite obviously, stolen from Amazon!Japan. I’m going to keep an eye out for HQ versions, but I doubt I’ll find them.


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