Indecision, of course.

So as Christmas approaches, I’ve been coming into more and more money in the form of ‘You Never Talk About Your Interests So I Don’t Know What To Get You’ gifts. Also, I was finally (half) paid back money an acquaintance borrowed from me three months ago. So I suddenly have a bunch of extra money I didn’t have a couple weeks ago. Like any irresponsible adult, I decided that instead of saving this money in case of emergencies I’d spend it on really unnecessary things.

As in, manga.

But I don’t want to be too wasteful, so I won’t splurge too much. (God knows Amazon Japan charges an arm and a leg in shipping if you get a large enough order of books.) Thus, a comparison decision post!

There are some that I’ll obviously be getting, such as the fifth volume of Cab, that Kuroyama Mekki manga, Chara Selection (no, I still haven’t given up on K no Kouzu), Moe Danshi, etc. But these are the ones I want to get eventually and have to choose from at the moment.

Baby volume 09
good → Kobato Mebaru cover art /o/, never bought Baby before, quite like some of the other artists in this issue, Kobato Mebaru ahhhh seriously want!
bad → I’ve never bought Baby before and thus don’t know what kind of stories they showcase. Also, it’s annoying to have only random chapters of good manga.

BOY’S Pierce issue 11/09
good → Ootsuki Miu!, Pierce has the most deliciously filthy spreads ever and sometimes has POSTERS, it’s an issue after one I already own and will thus have story continuations, I think Gojoe did colored illustrations for this issue? Also, it will probably go out of print if I wait too much longer.
bad → …..okay is there anything bad about BOY’S Pierce? Lack of plot maybe?

drap issue 01/10
good → Ootsuki Miu!, Hino Garasu!, Aoi Levin!, I’ve started a love affair with drap, it’s the latest issue so I would feel up-to-date rofl. /loser
bad → I don’t have the five prior issues.

Comic Magazine LYNX issue 01/10
good → Just look at the cover and you should know why I really want it.
bad → However, that’s pretty much the only reason I want it—is that really a good enough reason?

Chance! by Kawai Hideki
good → So very pretty, from the cover art the relationship looks like it could be interesting.
bad → If I’m not in the mood for it, Kawai Hideki’s dreamy art can be more exhausting than enticing.

Edith volume 01
good → Supposedly has actual BL manga by Kazuaki! /brb drooling on myself
bad → I don’t know many of the other artists in this anthology. Though that could be a good thing, because it’s always nice to discover new artists.

Konna Nekomimi, Suki Desu ka? by Homerun Ken
good → I can’t find scans for it and want to read it, Homerun Ken always has adorable art, nekomimi!
bad → As much as I love Homerun Ken’s stories, I don’t get the urge to reread them often and thus feel like this one might be a waste of money?, she’s popular so the chances of this manga getting scanned are high, the cover makes me feel like a perv (but what else is new?).

Rival Catalogue
good → Aniya Yuiji!, Ogura Muku!, six other artists I love!, rival stories!!
bad → As this is just an anthology of Marble Comics stories, the chance is high that I’ve already read a good portion of them.

Juuai 69 by Momoi Jon
good → Cute cover art is cuuuuute
bad → Have no clue what the story is about or what the inside art looks like.

However, this would also be a good time to get caught up with purchasing the previous releases by the mangaka I already love so as to support them. So.

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