Nanahikari chapter 10

Nakama released Nanahikari chapter 10, yay! /o/

But obviously “lol spoilers” if you’re reading it as well and haven’t gotten this far.

Can I just get it out there that I Really Don’t Like Senpai? Because I don’t. While Shimogura seemed a bit skeevy at first, Senpai just seems all-around skeevy. He seems to think everything Hikaru says and does is a come-on to him, and it’s gross. I felt pretty “ughhh” during this chapter’s scene with the piano. It was definitely cringe-worthy, considering Senpai just bent Hikaru over the piano with no thought to whether Hikaru really wanted it or not, and fucked him. “Yell out again and I’ll hit you”? Really?

Wow, that’s romantic. Awesome. 8|

Maybe I’m biased because I like Shimogura, and I honestly hope he’s the one Hikaru likes as well. Which probably won’t be the case, because I’m unlucky like that and when you factor in the large age difference, the fact that Shimogura seems to have had an affair with Hikaru’s dad, etc. it just really really seems unlikely that they’ll get together in the end.

Even though, with Shimogura, Hikaru seems to actually want sexual affection (such as the fact that Hikaru actually came on to Shimogura in chapter nine, not the other way around—as opposed to chapter thirteen, where Senpai starts molesting Hikaru and Hikaru doesn’t want it), and Shimogura seems to actually care about Hikaru’s feelings in all this. Sometimes it honestly seems like Senpai sees Hikaru as nothing but a cute blow-up doll.

I don’t know, it’s irritating. That’s the reason I usually don’t read ones where it’s an actual love-triangle. I almost dislike that I don’t know who Hikaru will be with, especially considering I actually quite dislike one of the players for Hikaru’s affections. I’d actually rather he end up with neither as opposed to being with Senpai.

As for the actual plot, it’s heating up! Obviously. I feel bad for poor Shinobu, who seems really bothered by all this. Also, I get bad vibes from Suetsugu—especially since I cheated and read ahead (chapter thirteen) in the issue of Chara I bought for myself in September. Oops.

Now I’ll have to try to find the raws because I’m impatient like that, but aarinfantasy is currently down so I’ll have to wait.


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