Munya Munya Sue “Aishiteru Love You”

I’ve been meaning to do a write-up on this one for a while, but I kept putting it off. Which is weird considering this is a joint doujinshi by my two ultimate favorite BL mangaka, Ogura Muku and Kobato Mebaru, under their circle name Munya Munya Sue. I didn’t even consider they knew each other until I found Ogura’s blog and saw her talking about this.

Needless to say, it pretty much made my life.

Aishiteru Love you (which, I assume, is a pun on “I still love you”?) is a kemomimi book. Kemomimi is short, obviously, for ‘kemono mimi’ or ‘animal ears’. Both stories in this specific doujinshi take place with woodland creatures.

Ogura’s story, which was first, is about a squirrel (?) and a bear who’s a hetare-ko. Even when he’s trying to get fish from the stream, it smacks him in the face and gets away. Thus, the rest of the forest creatures think he’s a joke and are cruel to him. In normal Ogura Muku fashion, her characters are sensitive and kind—the squirrel helps the bear learn how to gather acorns, and thus shows the bear that he can do something right. Taa dah, they become friends! (And maybe more?)

Kobato Mebaru’s handwriting is really… ehehe. 8D;; So I haven’t properly read that one yet. From what I gather, it’s about two foxes (who’re brothers?) who have to work hard to fend for themselves and provide for their large family. However, things aren’t doing too great and there isn’t much food. At one point the blond fox searches high and low and only find grapes, scratching himself up quite horribly in the process. Black-haired fox (wolf?) is touched and helps his comrade clean his wounds. Err, using his tongue of course. This is followed by a touching scene in which they cuddle and just look appreciative to have each other around. Very cute!

Then, of course, in sexy Kobato Mebaru fashion there’s a omake cut where they’re licking and clinging to each other and looking pretty damn horny. Thank you, Kobato Mebaru. You never let your fans down. ❤

It’s a very cute doujinshi, with gorgeous art (okay yeah I am biased—but still!) and sweet stories. I recommend it if it’s still available on Tora no Ana, especially if you love the two mangaka as much as (or more than?) I do. Two great art and story styles for the price of one! You can’t really beat that.

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