Spotlight: Kuroyama Mekki

This one will be a very sad, short ‘spotlight’ post. Kuroyama Mekki is a new artist and just released her first tankoubon near the end of November, which I haven’t read yet. Because I doubt many people who’d be willing to scan stuff have even heard of her. orz But the cover of her first manga, Koi no Magarikado, really caught my interest. Her art style is slightly similar to Kazuaki’s, though much less dreamy and with more upfront coloring. Also, just from the posing of the characters on the cover their personalities seem very exuberant and interesting. A great choice for a cover shot, if I do say so myself—it definitely made me want to buy it.

All-around, it looks adorable and I’ll definitely be tossing it in my cart next time I make an order off Amazon Japan so I can really get a good look at it.


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