Spotlight: Furutsuji Kikka

Okay so maybe I’ve started a filthy love affair with Furutsuji Kikka.

I really have.

Sakura ni Aitara
You 6K2 Minamimuki
Akuma de Honey
Hachiue no Juunin

Furutsuji Kikka still seems relatively unknown in western BL fandom. She has a very simple art style, and generally portrays semi-realistic (maybe even dull?) characters. But her art is really lovely. As I said in a past post, the cover art for Sakura ni Aitara really struck me when it came in the mail—not because it was shockingly detailed and interesting, but because it was simply so beautiful. (Such is the case with all of Furutsuji’s works—their simplicity is what makes them more complex.) Especially with the obi, leaving it in a soft silver color. Her coloring is fabulous, don’t get me wrong, but I almost prefer her black and while art if only because it seems somehow more expressive.

Her plots tend to be more Slice of Life and have a slow-ish pace to them that focuses more on the characters than the action. A lot of her plots are told specifically through one character’s perspective.

She seems to tend toward softer BL. When there are sex scenes, they’re just small cuts here and there. Sex is generally not included in her stories unless it’s mostly necessary for plot development. However, this is less the case with her tankoubon Hachiue no Juujin which leans slightly toward the harder side of the BL spectrum. Perhaps she’s slowly becoming more comfortable with drawing sex scenes.

Anyway, she has also done doujinshi for series like Tennis no Oujisama and KHR. I’ve never even read KHR (I know, I’m a horrible horrible fujoshi) but I still found her doujin works enjoyable if only because her art is so very pretty.


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