Kumota Haruko “Mimi-Kun no Boy no Kisetsu”

Title: Mimi-kun no Boy no Kisetsu / みみクンのボーイの季節
Rating: R-18 (soft)
Mangaka: Kumota Haruko / 雲田はるこ
Genre: yaoi, comedy, oneshot
Pages: 24
Magazine: Cab vol. 01 (Marble Comics)
Summary: Mimi-kun works at a drag club and has long-planned on becoming a cute girl in the future–and his boy of choice is Kaoru-chan, the gay bartender from his workplace. However, during a chance make-out session at Mimi-kun’s birthday party, Kaoru pushes him away and says “sorry, I like you too but it seems I just can’t do this with a girl.” What is poor Mimi-kun to do?
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Anyway, now that I’ve scanned it and people other than me will understand what I’m talking about, I feel like I can finally flail about how. damn. much I love this oneshot. It was the first time I’d read something by Kumota Haruko, and I’ve since searched and obtained everything she’s done so far (to the most of my knowledge, anyway). Her art style is adorably retro and her characters are so goofy and expressive. They all have these cute, interesting personalities that you love after only seeing them for a page or two. She’s just. Great.

Anyway, Mimi-kun no Boy no Kisetsu is about a young man (now 20 years old starting at the beginning of the oneshot) who works at a drag bar and hopes to someday become a female in body and spirit. His personality is already well on its way—there are many a ‘atashi’ and ‘Kyaaa!’ coming from Mimi’s mouth throughout the short 24 pages. The manga starts off before his birthday party, where we meet the Mama of his club while he’s getting ready (in an adorable two-piece dress and gorgeous blond curls) for his birthday celebration. Enter Kaoru, the cute bartender who works at Mimi’s club, as he brings in flowers from Master to wish Mimi a happy birthday. However, Mimi—a girl in spirit and only wearing the bottom half of his outfit—is flustered by Kaoru’s appearance and instantly hides.

For this is his beloved Kaoru, the one he’s adored for a long time! Kaoru is gay and cute and very sweet, and he just might like Mimi back! However, during a chance makeout session (which happens after the Mama and Master of the club get poor Kaoru wasted as a ‘birthday gift’ to Mimi), Kaoru stops halfway through a pushes Mimi away. After an apology, Kaoru admits that he just can’t do those things with a girl. Mimi, crushed and confused, says that he is a boy (which was adorable and pitiful, considering he was still using ‘atashi’ when saying it)—to which Kaoru replies that Mimi will be a girl soon enough, and so it just won’t work.

Devastated, Mimi heads home with swollen eyes. But there’s still a fire burning inside of him. After moping around the house for a while, he picks up his scissors, grabs a handful of his own beautiful hair, and says “bye bye, female.”

The next scene takes place at Kaoru’s house, as he gets a sudden visitor. After hearing Mimi’s voice outside the door he instantly knows who it is, but what’s next is a total surprise—he opens the door to find a completely unrecognizable Mimi-kun. Gone are the pretty dresses and high heels and adorable decorated nails, because the new Mimi is all boy—choppy hair, track suit and tennis shoes. Kaoru is absolutely astounded, asking a feeble “Idiot, why’d you go so far…?” When Mimi asks if he’s grossed out, Kaoru still seems shocked. Soon enough, he’s touching Mimi in a totally cute attempt to connect the Mimi in his mind to the Mimi he’s currently seeing in front of him.

Kaoru, completely blown away, then embraces Mimi. And it’s so cute oh my god. 8| Mimi-kun looks like he’s died and gone to heaven at that point. After some talking the two make it over to the couch and start making out again. Mimi asks if Kaoru is a ‘tachi’ (top) or a ‘neko’ (bottom), to which Kaoru replies that he’s definitely bottom. Poor Mimi doesn’t even know if he can do the ‘tachi’ part of sex, but he’ll do anything for Kaoru. While getting a blowjob he’s even afraid to moan, as he’ll probably let the ‘female’ him out in the heat of the moment.

In the end, all is well! Mimi and Kaoru have sex (よくがんばった、みみクン!), and Kaoru admits to Mimi that he’d actually fallen for him when Mimi first came to Tokyo. (And Mimi-kun seems to fall for Kaoru all over again as a result.)

However, when Mimi-kun goes back to work the next day Mama has some choice words. You can’t exactly work at a drag club if you aren’t a queen, Mimi-kun! But in the end he picked Kaoru over the sex-change operation, and everything ends well.

ffffffff okay sorry I can’t believe I just wrote that much for a 24-page BL oneshot. BUT IT’S SO SWEET and I’ve been holding this all in since I bought Cab volume one months and months and months ago! Take pity! And please read the oneshot for yourself!


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