Mio Junta “Uwasa no Oujisama”

Bringing you a review of AF’s latest scanlation release: Uwasa no Oujisama by Mio Junta. I first read this book quite a while ago when it was scanned by a small scan group on LJ. The second I saw Yuu’s little fangs, there was no turning back.

Uwasa no Oujisama is a small collection of five (technially—there are six chapters, but chapter two is a short continuation of chapter one) oneshots. The stories are relatively simple: chapter one is about a ‘college prince’ who isn’t nearly as princely as he seems, chapter three is about a student who’s sick of the world and falls in love with his sensei, chapter four is about a pretty uke who’s irrtated about his lack of sex on the one-year anniversary of his relationship, chapter five is about a cute boy who’s in love with his dentist, and chapter six is a sexy ‘incubus’-type story.

In this manga there’s nothing relatively new or groundbreaking, so if that’s what you’re looking then this won’t be the one for you. Also, Kunimi’s huge moe-eyes in chapter three are enough to send anti-feminine BL fans running for the hills. However, I really love this book! The stories are sweet and cute, and handled quite nicely. Mio-sensei draws her characters all very skinny and long, with pretty, detailed faces and it’s definitely an art style type that I fall for instantly. Mio constantly apologizes for her inexperienced art, but I think it’s really perfect the way it is.

My personal favorite stories were chapters three and four. Kunimi was absolutely adorable with his long lashes and pouty expression, and Shunsuke and Aya’s relationship was very sweet in the end. Plus, I always love it when the uke takes charge when it comes to sex. Delicious.

(image credit goes to AF!)


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