Kobato Mebaru “Touch me, and melt me.”

Don’t misunderstand—I’m not talking about Kobato Mebaru’s manga “Sawatte, Tokashite“. “Touch me, and melt me”—though it has the same meaning in English—is actually Kobato’s doujinshi continuation. Supposedly it was first self-published near the very end of 2008, but has since been repriKobato Mebaru doujinnted twice in 2009. The most recent reprint was late October of this year, so I had the chance to purchase it (along with Kobato / Ogura combi doujinshi “Aishiteru Love You” which I’ll talk about some other time).

Anyway, “Touch me, and melt me” is a collection of short continuations with the couples from “Sawatte, Tokashite”. First off, of course, is Saejima/Tatsuya pair in which Tacchan brattily says Saejima is ‘lower than a dog’—resulting in Tacchan being lovingly molested, somehow. Next is Tetsu and Atsushi, who run into each other at the book store and walk home together holding hands. After that is kyoudai-pair Kiyo and Shun, who have some delightful bathtime fun while their parents are away. Last are Koutarou and Aoi, who go star-gazing together.

I was really excited to get this in the mail. Her handwriting can be a bit hard to read at times (it took me forever to realize her interesting way of writing た) but her art is as lovely as always and her stories are sweet with just the perfect amount of added smut.

My personal favorite was, of course, the kyoudai! I loved those two in the original manga, and still love them in the doujinshi. I know it’s a bit perverted, but I love stories between siblings (or step-siblings, close childhood friends, etc.)—perhaps because of the added closeness of growing up together? But I think Kobato’s was the best of any I’ve read. Very cute and sweet and sexy.

Which, really, are three words that could probably be used to sum up all of Kobato Mebaru’s works.


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