Theme Anthologies “_____ Catalogue”

While I’m still getting all this set up, I figured I’d talk about something I found yesterday while pitifully perusing Amazon!JP. (Which, honestly, is something I do quite often–it helps me find new authors, shhhh.)

I believe there are currently 17 in all, and they’re put out by MARBLE COMICS, which is the same company that releases Cab. I found them while searching out more manga by Ogura Muku, and got incredibly excited because the first one I found (‘Rival Catalogue’) has eight (eight!) of my favorite mangaka featured inside.Love Triangles

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. What I’m talking about are themed BL anthologies. The themes I’ve seen so far include: age difference, oyaji (older men),  salary men, siblings, difference in social status, delinquents, occupation and business, ‘bad end’, glasses (which has two books dedicated to it), uniform, childhood friends, rivals, love triangle, first time, and ‘seishun’ (youth-oriented).

Personally, the ones I want most are the uniform, siblings, social status, rivals…


Actually, I kind of want them all aside from maybe the oyaji, salary men and ‘business’ haha. Those three just don’t speak my to personal BL preferences quite so much. But the ‘first time’ one has Ogura Muku’s ‘Sentimental Garden Lovers’ characters on it, which made my day. The rival anthology cover illustration is by Aniya Yuiji. Yamashita Tomoko has done more than one. The ‘love triangle’ cover is by Taumi Mayu.

Personally, I quite like MARBLE COMICS. The stories I’ve seen written for them are by many authors with lovely art styles and are generally very sweet. I like the tone in the manga they tend to publish.

Not to mention ‘Cab’ is my personal favorite BL anthology that’s currently running.

You can look at them all yourself here!

(Image taken from Amazon!JP)

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