BL Haul Video!

I decided to try something new–a video format, since I thought maybe it would be easier/more fun to make a video rather than spend hours taking, cropping, uploading pictures and then writing long descriptions! Little did I know the video would take forever to figure out how to edit and then upload sob.

The Ido Gihou post I referred to is here!

Hope you enjoy!! Sorry that it ended up getting so long—there was really quite a lot of content to get through so I didn’t spend too much time on any one book. If there’s something you want more in-depth info on let me know!

doujinshi haul!

so my sister did that thing she always does where she acts like she’s buying a bunch of stuff for herself off a website but then the package arrives and nearly all of it is a random gift for me. ;; So thank you, sister!! Now I am the proud owner of twelve new doujinshi.


mostly Kurobas (aokuro and takamido) but also one free! book. *w*

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Six months worth of ‘hello’ + Ten Count tankoubon!

Hello ladies!!

Funny thing, earlier in the month I was watching videos of women talking about starting fashion blogs and how fun and important it is to blog about things you’re passionate about, and it made me really want to start posting here again. I’ve been on the fence about it, since I felt like if I came back I should do so with a bang, but the rut I keep falling into is that I get too picky about what I’m ‘allowed’ to post on this blog so I finally figured, hey, I’m just going to post whatever I feel like posting and we’ll go from there. It’s been nearly six months, after all!

so what finally got me really really in the mood to post was this bit of news:


Ten Count tankoubon to be released in late March!

I’ve personally been really loving Ten Count–to the point where I specifically started buying Dear+ after reading the first couple of chapters scanlated. Both character designs are incredibly charming, as would be expected of Takarai Rihito’s work. But I also just really love the slow bloom of their relationship; it reminds me of what I already love so much about Takarai’s writing style–she really makes room for the changing emotions to take center stage and it makes even the smallest interactions really stand out.

I also really love how Shirotani’s illness is handled–it’s never treated by any other characters (aside from himself) with frustration or disgust and it’s handled with sympathy and understanding of the subject. Plus it’s such an interesting topic to tackle in a BL comic; it’ll make it even more gloriously meaningful when he finally let’s Kurose touch him!

though I’m admittedly nervous that it doesn’t indicate yet that this will be volume one only.

What do you all think of Ten Count? And sorry again for my constant off-again on-again absence. I’m so ashamed that I even missed my blog anniversary. orz;;; But I have 28 books on the way (including the new Ten Count chapter ahhhhh) which will hopefully give me much more content to talk about here.

July ’13 Purchase

my order for July finally came wahhhhh. I had a lot of drama over this order, because part of me wanted to buy through Honto again (for the cheaper shipping) but Honto doesn’t stock Boy’s Pierce and there was no way in hell I was going to not buy Boy’s Pierce this month because I needed (NEEDED!!!) to know if Kou-chan was going to cheat on Kishi. It was of utmost importance. And then I really really wanted Toshishita Kareshi no Renai Kanriguse but uh… evidently every other fujoshi in Japan also wanted that book because it’s been backstocked for rerelease on August 12th. So much for that. Then Kevin Komine’s book went out of stock. So. I had to cancel and redo and rethink this order about a million times. Life is so hard for this unfortunate little fujoshi.

but it’s here now (except one book that should come tomorrow) so–! We can rejoice!

first off can we just laugh at how ridiculously and unnecessarily large BexBoy GOLD is? This is my first time buying it, and I already knew it was bigger than most, but THAT BIG? Really? I’m already running hilariously low on space to store and display all my books ahhhh.

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“Fubin BL” anthology

I don’t recall ever talking about it on here, but a while back Libre released a BL anthology titled ‘Nakeru BL’—which was essentially a compilation of stories about boys crying. Or at least I assume that’s what it was, considering that was the theme. But I actually didn’t buy it, due to lack of interest in the artists it contained. (It was pretty highly-reviewed, though, and actually right up my ally if it had more artists I’m willing to throw my money at.)

however—! Libre has recently announced yet another anthology in the series, this time titled ‘Fubin BL‘. ‘Fubin’ means something along the lines of ‘pitiful’, so this one should be an anthology wherein many relationships start out of pity or condolence. Which wouldn’t be that exciting to me in itself until I saw the artist lineup.


technically there are still only three artists I’m wholeheartedly interested in, by oh gosh do those three artists tempt me so. I’m sure I don’t even have to explain my affection for Kumota Haruko, all things considered. Suzuki Tsuta, of course, is glorious and it feels like it’s been forever since I last read anything new by her. (The last work I saw from her even, was related to that show Sherlock–the art was pretty, but my interest in Sherlock is lacking at best so it was still kinda ‘hmm’.)

the third artist though—!! SHIMURA TAKAKO! \o/ As I’m sure many of you know, Shimura Takako is the artist for the hit series Hourou Musuko, a slice-of-life about a kid named Nitori who is unsure of his gender. Shimura is also the author being the popular GL series Aoi Hana, and is the artist for one of my all-time favorite non-BL releases Dounika Naru Hibi. I just absolutely adore her commentary and playfulness when it comes to gender and sexuality, so to have her releasing in an actual legitimate BL anthology is honestly like a dream come true.

If I wish hard enough, will Takayama Shinobu also release some original BL? Unlikely, but I’ll take Shimura Takako as one small victory.

Aniya Yuiji “Mic & Neo”

whoaaaa another post and it’s only been like a couple days! I’m on fire! But actually I just read Aniya Yuiji’s Mic & Neo (Miku to Neo, however you wanna romanize it idc) and my01 heart is BROKEN so I thought I would talk about it a bit. Fun fact: Mic & Neo actually came out in late May and I bought it dutifully as soon as it was released, but I couldn’t convince myself to read it until just now. Somehow it just feels like this is going to be Aniya Yuiji’s last real BL release so the idea of reading it was like… idk that feeling you get when you don’t want to finish that long video game or book or show that has been part of your life for a long time. (Also I wasn’t so sure I had the level of Japanese skill necessary to understand the plot since it’s more than your average high school romance, ehe ★)

And I’ve been waiting for this story for a long time—it’s been running in OPERA since 2009 and was in the first issue of OPERA that I ever bought and I’ve been constantly pining since for the damn thing to be compiled and released. Yet I still put off reading it for two months when it arrived. Go figure.

after reading it, I can say one thing for sure: Mic & Neo really02 isn’t a story you can do justice for in a short description. There’s a lot going on for a two-volume book filled with gags and angst and gratuitous makeout scenes. But I’ll try! Essentially the plot is this: A young man tries to hang himself in the woods but unfortunately fails and is found by the not!priest of the nearby temple. And to make matters worse, he completely loses his memory from the ordeal and has nothing to go by except a children’s backpack full of cash, some Gucci loafers, and a keychain nametag with the name ‘Miku’ on it. From that point forward the amnesiac is christened ‘Mic’ and stays with the Maeda brothers Banbi and Neo while he waits for his memories to resurface.

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Erotoro Take Two!

holy shit, wordpress changed so much crap while I was on hiatus so this feels really weird. But let’s get on with it, shall we. How are you all? It’s been a while! Like, more than four months to be exact. Feels kind of good to be back.

Anyway in late June Erotoro 2 was released and, obviously, I bought it! And since I’ve become slightly more of a busy girl (if you couldn’t tell considering I keep disappearing for long periods of time) I just tonight finally got around to reading it and I figured it wouldn’t kill me to blog about it a bit so.

Aniya Yuiji did the cover again so like I could possibly resist. To be honest, as far as ero anthologies go the original Erotoro didn’t do much for me—I even recall recommending a few times for people to seek out your average issue of Boy’s Pierce instead of Erotoro if you’re looking to get your kicks. So part of me was like “ehhh I don’t know” when I heard there would be another volume released. But then Aniya Yuiji was on the cover so. Now you know: if you ever want me to buy something, just put Aniya Yuiji’s name on it.

SUPER SUPER R-18 BELOW THE CUT if you click while you’re at work then it’s your own issue. Don’t come crying to me.

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